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Laura Mitchell Gets the Regal Treatment With Lifetime’s ‘Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance’

{Image Credit: Jenna Berman}

After announcing their engagement last November, the real life fairytale chronicling the courtship between Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle is coming to the small-screen thanks to Lifetime’s new feature length movie, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance, debuting May 13.

With the film examining through imagination the couple’s whirlwind romance from the moment they met to falling in love, actress Laura Mitchell is getting the royal treatment as Harry’s sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Humbled by landing the “once in a lifetime” role as the Duchess in the highly anticipated film, Mitchell tells The Hudsucker on top of being a “dream come true,” it was an honor playing Kate.

“My agent sent a self-taped audition my way for the role and as soon as I saw that it was to play Kate I knew I had a good shot as I have been told I resemble her many times before,” Mitchell said of the process. “I stayed up all night researching her and ran the audition countless times before submitting. It was a challenge, but totally worth it.”

L-R, Burgess Abernethy as Prince William, Mitchell as Kate Middleton, Parisa Fitz-Henley as Meghan Markle and Murray Fraser as Prince Harry. {Image Credit: Lifetime}

Mitchell, who has starred in a variety of TV shows and movies over the years like, BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The CW’s iZombie, is no stranger to real life stories adapted for the small screen. Last year, the Vancouver native starred in Lifetime’s Menendez: Blood Brothers, alongside Courtney Love and Benito Martinez.

However, Mitchell reveals her role as the Duchess of Cambridge in Lifetime’s Harry & Meghan was a bit more challenging — especially when it came to ensuring her British accent was as authentic as Kate’s.

“I knew how important that element was in order to have her [become] a convincing character,” Mitchell said. “If the accent was off, people would be immediately taken out of the story, so there was a bit of pressure there. [But] I am so grateful for our accent coach Anna Galvin, [who] was invaluable to me on set and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

While Mitchell and Kate had very different upbringings and interests in school, the Singapore-born actress can’t deny that the two share one very valuable thing in common: “We both came from loving families. And from what I could see family is very important to Kate and it is to me as well.”

Mitchell goes on to share that she greatly admires the Duchess’ work on raising awareness for mental health initiatives and helping destigmatize mental illness, adding that Kate’s efforts are something deeply stirring for her.

{Image Credit: Lifetime / Michael Courtney}

“As someone who has struggled with mental health issues of my own in the past, this subject is of great importance to me as well and I hope to get more involved in the community,” she said.

With the Lifetime movie boasting an impressive cast that also highly resembles their real-life counterparts, including the likes of Parisa Fitz-Henley as Meghan, Murray Fraser as Harry, and Burgess Abernethy as Prince William, Mitchell says viewers can expect a very touching love story when the film airs.

“The writers drew from true events to make sure that the story was as realistic as possible and I think viewers will be really pleased. And who doesn’t love a real life fairy tale?” she laughed, adding how real life stories have always fascinated her.

“I think we all want to have a glimpse into the lives of people we know from the media.”

But it’s the glimpse into the Royal Family’s life that reportedly has the Queen on edge. According to Vanity Fair, Queen Elizabeth’s press office has been keeping tabs on the Lifetime movie, particularly the scene that shows Harry and Meghan in bed together. But Mitchell tells The Hudsucker exclusively, that there is nothing to really worry about.

“I wasn’t privy to any of the love scenes as they are always a closed set,” she said. “I can say that from what I read in the script, the loves scenes were very tasteful and more about the love of these two people than about anything gratuitous.”

Mitchell went on to praise the film’s director, Menhaj Huda, saying she could not see him making anything in poor taste, especially when it came to the Royal Family.

“This is a love story after all, there has to be a little sex,” she said.

Shot mostly in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mitchell recalls some of her favorite memories with the cast and crew, saying it was fun getting to know everyone when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“Parisa [who plays Meghan] was so lovely and welcoming and I knew right from the cast-read through that we were going to have a lot of fun together,” she smiles. “Burgess [Prince William] was hilarious and we did most of our scenes together, so I probably got to know him the best.”

After the film debuts worldwide on Lifetime May 13, Mitchell, will return to work on several upcoming projects.

“I have a few independent films coming up that are fairly dark and gritty,” she said. “I’ll be playing some characters that are definitely a departure from the roles I’ve been getting lately, so I am really excited for the change and challenge!”

Mitchell says through every role and film she’s been in over the years, she’s also learned how her process constantly changes for the better.

{Image Credit: Lifetime}

“I used to have a very set way that I would prepare for every role [and] I think that I’ve learned that in order to delve into different characters you need a different process for each,” she reveals. “I’ve learned to be more adaptable and open and let go of my insecurities, and just be there and connect with the other actors in the scene with me.”

Outlining that she would often feel “stifled” by her insecurities, Mitchell says it really affected her work.

“That is no longer a part of who I am as an actor and my work has grown so much since then,” she said. “What I carry with me into every role is to honor every character. No matter how big or small the role, to bring the same dedication to each part.”

With a deep admiration for storytelling, Mitchell shares that she loves being an actress simply because it means she gets to explore another side of being “human.”

“I love that as an actor you never stop growing and learning,” she said. “There is always a new feat to conquer and always a new story to tell — it’s challenging and exciting, and I’m so honored to have the chance to tell these stories and continue to practice my craft.”

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance will debut May 13 on Lifetime. Check your local listings.

Featured image: Jenna Berman

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