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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 19 ‘The Fanatical’

Credit: The CW

Last night, Supergirl got information that may be the key to saving Sam and James found himself considering unmasking is Guardian. Miss the episode? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap.

We open with Team Supergirl at Lena’s lab attempting to reverse Reign into Sam permanently. The attempt fails and an enraged Reign threatens Lena. It’s then revealed that Lena has come up with technology that Kryptonian x-ray vision can’t pierce and it upsets Supergirl.

At CatCo, Kara and James talk about Lena and her recent actions with Kara realizing that she’s in a really bad position as Lena dislikes Supergirl. While they’re talking, a former follower of Thomas Coville shows up with his journal. She is able to translate from Kryptonian and thinks the cult is using the book to build a bomb and wants the book taken to Supergirl. Meanwhile, at Alex’s, Alex tries to cheer up Ruby who wants nothing to do with that.

Supergirl and Mon-El head to the cult and find a pile of ash that used to be a person. They also see a shadow on the wall that appears to be like those left in a nuclear blast which makes them think the cult is trying to build a nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, the cult ambushes CatCo and kidnaps the escaped woman, Tanya but James suits up as Guardian and goes after them. There’s a fight and the police arrive, but instead of stopping the cultists, they pull their guns on the unarmed James. James manages to get away, but the racial profiling shakes him.

Sueprgirl talks to Lena about the tension between them and tries to lay the foundation for Supergirl and Lena to be friends, but Lena says she has no interest in that — ever. Supergirl then talks with James and Tanya about the pile of ash at the cult. James gets a text from the cult threatening to reveal his identity as Guardian if he doesn’t turn over Tanya and the journal.

Trying to help M’yrnn, J’onn and Alex take him and Ruby to an arcade. Ruby just wants to go hom. M’yrnn is overwhelmed by the shooting games. This is not a good trip to the arcade.

While Winn looks over the journal, Supergirl realizes that the cult isn’t actually trying to build a bomb. Instead, they’re trying to create a fourth Worldkiller using a special stone. Lena deduces that if they can reverse that forumula, they could cure Sam. They just need the stone.

James decides he wants to go public with his Guardian identity and tells Lena so. Ruby is able to help M’yrnn and he tells her about Mars and its history and how he came to earth. The pair then play foosball and both of them seem to be much improved by this new friendship.

To get the stone, the team has a plan. Tanya turns herself and the journal into the cult, but Mon-El — undercover in glasses, of course — tags along by pretending that he thinks the van is his hired car. The plan is that the team can track them, but that ends up not working. The team has no comms with Mon-El and Tanya, either so they are on their own.

At the new cult hideout, Tanya is forced to help with the ritual to create a new Worldkiller. Mon-El manages to get his hands on a sunstone that he uses to create a signal that Supergirl can hear, alerting her to the location. She rushes there to help, but it’s too late. The cultist is transforming into a Worldkiller. Fight time. Mon-El and Supergirl take on the cult. Guardian shows up to help and Supergirl attempts to take the stone out of the new Worldkiller’s hand, but can’t. So, she tries to talk her down instead. You see, the new Worldkiller is Olivia, the kind girl we met when we first encountered the cult. Supergirl appeals to that part of her and convinces her to drop the rock, but she actually can’t. It’s burned into her skin. Mon-El tries, fails. Kara eventually has to burn the rock of with her laser vision.

James decides to reveal his identity in his own time. He also apologizes for putting Kara in a weird position with Lena and says he understands why she can never reveal her Supergirl identity to her friends. Back home, Alex and Ruby bond and Alex is honest with Ruby that she doesn’t know if Ruby will turn into a Worldkiller. Supergirl and Mon-El take the rock back to Lena and Winn and it turns out the rock is now inert, but they’ve been able to locate the same material on a meteor a few light years away. Mon-El and Supergirl take J’onn’s awesome spaceship to go after the meteor.

And then, in the last moment of the episode, Coville is revealed to be alive and well and he looks very, very pleased.

Next week? Krypton lives?

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