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The FlashBack: ‘The Flash’ – Episode 23 ‘We Are The Flash’

Image Credit: The CW

Welcome to the season four finale of The Flash. Last night, Team Flash made one last stand against The Thinker, but were they successful or are we dealing with a far bleaker Central City next season? Read on for our spoiler-filled recap to find out.

We begin with Captain Singh in Jitters and he’s calling Barry with really good news. Thanks to Iris’ blog, everyone now knows about DeVoe and the mayor believes that Barry truly is innocent. He gets to go back to work. However, before he gets to complete that message his phone cuts out. Power goes out. Everything is dead. The Englightenment begins.

At STAR, Cecile and Joe show up. Cecile is in labor, but because of the chaos in the streets they can’t get to the hospital. Fortunately, Caitlin’s a doctor and the lab has extensive medical supplies and equpiment. But that means Team Flash needs a plan to deal with DeVoe and fast. He’s stolen the rest of the Dark Matter and things are going to get very, very bad. That’s when Iris shows up with Marlize and Marlize has a plan.

Her plan is to get into DeVoe’s head — literally — and track down whatever good is left in him. Appeal to that to get him to stop. To do this, they will need to use Cecile’s powers so they stick the Cerebral Inhibitor on her forehead, Barry hops in DeVoe’s chair, and whoosh. Barry is in DeVoe’s mind, dropping in at the point where the bus metas were made. Marlize instructs Barry to go to their house, but it’s empty. Things get weird when Cecile has contractions and that’s when the other shoe drops: Cecile will lose her powers when she has the baby so if Barry isn’t out by then, he’s trapped. Meanwhile, Harry has gone missing. Cisco finds him and they use the thinking cap to let Harry, who at this point is nearly unable to communicate, tell them they need to go where Marlize and DeVoe first fell in love.

Barry heads to the picnic location and when he arrives he finds not DeVoe but Ralph! Ralph is still alive! He’s the only of the bus metas still alive because DeVoe needs his body, but it’s a joyous reunion. Barry tells Ralph what’s going on and Ralph says that he hasn’t seen good DeVoe, only evil DeVoe. Speaking of, Evil DeVoe shows up in his chair, but Barry and Ralph race off.

Cecile tells the team she’s heard DeVoe’s thoughts and he plans to come after them at STAR. DeVoe then shows up, but Marlize has protected them with a force field before transporting them to a pocket dimension and right to the lair. While this is happening, Barry and Ralph track down good DeVoe at Oxford, but discover he’s dead. He was killed. That’s when Barry realizes something. Bringing out the good in DeVoe isn’t literal. Ralph is the good left in DeVoe and if Barry brings Ralph out the nexus they will take control because DeVoe is in Ralph’s body.

Cecile’s labor intensifies. DeVoe gets closer to the dimension. Inside the mind scape, multiple DeVoe clones come after Barry and Ralph and they fight. Wells starts mumbling the same words over and over like Barry did in the season premiere and Cisco recognizes this. DeVoe shows up at the dimension and knocks everyone out except Cecile, but he plans to kill her. He starts choking her. Inside, Barry and Ralph manage to defeat the DeVoe clones and cross the nexus just as Cecile is about to pass out. Barry’s eyes open. DeVoe knows he’s defeated and freaks out. Ralph emerges. DeVoe is dead.

Having won, Marlize shuts down the satelites and starts to put things back in order. Transported back to STAR, Cecile’s water breaks so she goes to the med bay with Caitlin and Joe. Then, all of a sudden DeVoe’s chair lights up. He’s transferred his digital self to the chair. The digital DeVoe monlogues for a moment and claims he can’t be beaten but Marlize says goodbye and then destroys the chair. DeVoe is really dead now, but the satellites begin to fall from the sky and that’s a problem. Barry races around the city to stop the debris from falling and hitting people. Ralph, Barry, and Cisco save the day. However, the last satellite is massive and can only be dealt with if Barry uses his speed flying punch to destroy it. He’s about to do it and it will probably kill him, but suddenly things rewind. When they start up again, there’s another speedster running alongside him. They punch together and save the day.

Barry returns to STAR looking pretty busted. Cecile has given birth. Marlize gives Cisco the tool to fix Harry, but it only restores his mind part of the way. HIs supreme intelligence is gone, but Harry is okay with that. He’s gotten his heart and his true self back and now he wants to go home to Earth-2 to be with Jesse. He hugs the team that is also his family, and departs.

And now, we party. The team is at the West home celebrating newborn Jenna Marie West. Wally even shows up to see his babys sister. Barry panics that he and Iris will be the next to be parents though she’s not pregnant yet and then there is a knock on the door. The Mystery Girl we’ve seen all season shows up and just walks right in (complete with saying that the house is bitchin!) and she’s wearing Iris’ speedster jacket. And that’s when the big reveal happens: she is Nora Allen, future daughter of Barry and Iris and she’s made a huge, huge mistake.

Thank you for reading along this season!

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