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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 20 ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

Image Credit: The CW

Last night on Supergirl our heroine got a massive surprise. But how did Kara react to the discovery that not all of Krypton perished? Read on to find out in our recap.

We start with Kara and Mon-El heading towards the asteroid, but they quickly realize that this isn’t an asteroid. It’s a city and a tractor beam quickly pulls them towards it. They have no way to communicate with the DEO due to being beyond the dark side of the moon, which might not be a bad thing since they can’t do anything about the fact that Reign is growing immune to kryptonite, which is what J’onn tells Winn.

Alex and Ruby are having a moment and talking about how Supergirl is trying to cure Sam. Ruby isn’t sure about this, but they pair go out and get ice cream. While out having fun, Alex is targeted by a mysterious gentleman who opens fire on her before throwing a grenade-type device at her. Alex is able to neutralize it.

On the mysterious space city, Kara and Mon-El go looking for the rock they need while back home, Alex tries to figure out who is after her which leads to Winn babysitting Ruby. As Kara and Mon-El continue towards the stone, Kara realizes that they are coming up on a Kryptonian memorial of sorts and that’s when she realizes: this city? It’s Argo. It was part of Krypton. It’s where she grew up. And sure enough, her mother comes onto the scene and the two women embrace in disbelief.

On Earth, Alex confronts the man she arrested for the murder of Kara’s friend back when she was seventeen. The man, Collins, may be holding a grudge but Alex soon discovers that his alibi checks out. As she leaves, someone blows up her motorcycle and she narrowly escapes.

On Argo, Kara and her mother try to catch up a bit while Mon-El explores. He notices a sick child with a breathing issue and after chatting with his mother a bit, Mon-El gievs the child some technology that Brainy created to help him. The technology cures the child of his illness and Mon-El tells them that they should pass the technology on to anyone else with the breathing illness so they can be cured.

Winn bonds with Ruby by telling him about his own villainous father. J’onn pretends to be Alex to help her lure out her attacker.

On Argo, Alura introduces Kara to the High Council so that she can plead her case for the rock. Turns out the rock is what is supporting life on Argo so it’s going to be a hard sell. Kara talks to them about the Worldkillers and the danger they pose, though the Council isn’t quite on her side.

On Earth, J’onn spots the attacker who realizes J’onn isn’t Alex. Alex goes after the sniper and ends up dangling off the side of a building. She realizes the attacker is the brother of someone who was imprisoned at Fort Rozz. Alex manages to defeat him.

The High Council is evenly split, though after asking Kara if the rock will defeat Reign as powerful as she is now, a woman named Selena agrees to hand over a bit of the rock. Kara and Mon-El gratefully take the rock and Kara says goodbye to her mother, though she says it’s not so bad now that she knows its not forever.

Alex tells J’onn that she wonders if she’s fit to be a mother because of her life. J’onn listens to her and comforts her.

After Kara and Mon-El leave, Selena is revealed to be the cloaked hologram woman who has been leading Reign all along so this doesn’t bode well. And then, while Selene calls out to Reign on Argo, Reign breaks out of her cell just as Kara and Mon-El return.

Next week, Kara says goodbye to Earth. See you then!

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