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Best Alternative Vacation Ideas for Summer

{Image Credit: Instagram / @glampinghub}

Spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner. For as long as we can remember and our Instagram snaps prove, warmer seasons have been the highlight of our year. We get to spend more time outdoors with family and friends, creating new memories of amusement and enjoyment.

But of course, with this time of year comes an eagerness in planning or booking summer holidays but where to? It’s no joke that vacations have come a long way from what we were accustomed to growing up. From Disneyland with the family to weekend getaways with the partner — the vacation game is more than just hitting the beach or road tripping across this great nation today.

To get you amped for summer and broaden those vacation ideas, we share five of the best alternatives for fun this sunny season.

Mountainous escapades

Surf and turf retreats with an endless supply of tequila might make for a memorable holiday, but nothing beats vacationing in the mountains. While snow-capped peaks and snowboarding might spring to mind when thinking of hilly adventures, think more of national parks, lakes and the great outdoorsy journey full of nature and starry nights. Temperatures during these months include toasty days with crisp, cool evenings — perfect for exploring, hiking, biking, camping, paddle boarding and kayaking. This alternative idea brings solace and reflection for the stressed urban soul always on the go.


If treading Wild terrain like Reese Witherspoon in the great outdoors isn’t for you, there’s always “glamping.” In case you missed the memo, glamping also known as “glamorous camping” is huge and equally convenient for those who want to feel the air of luxury on their nature trip — not bug bites. From glamping in a fully-furnished tree house to a teepee, there are many “glampsites” around the world that provide travelers ways to experience positive aspects of camping without uncomfortable negatives, like cooking a meal over a fire or going in a bush. Best of all, glampsites offer amenities that surpass anything leisure campers often experience.

Cruise ship

The cruise ship industry has soared in the past decade — and for excellent reasons! Numerous cruise lines offer a variety of ships with itineraries that cater to a specific kind of traveler. From luxury, premium, contemporary, and specialty, each brings its own charm to the great seas. Since there are so many kinds with a long list of activities you’ll enjoy, it’s important to book with a travel agent. While cruise ships are quite expensive, booking months in advance poses opportunities for early bird low fares. Some even offer amazing deals last minute in order to fill the cabins, so keep your eyes peeled for good deals.

Yoga retreats

If you’re looking to center your chakra this season, yoga retreats are the best way to help you take stock of your life, set new intentions and renew your commitment to yoga. The truth of the matter is taking care of yourself can be hard but while at a yoga retreat, expect to chill and meditate in a very Zen location, while indulging in vegetarian and organic fare. Many retreat packages include classes for personal growth or relationship deepening, exercise, and spa treatments. While some retreats might seem pricey, it’s ideal to bring along a friend as you can typically save on dorm-style accommodations when booking in pairs.

Become a local

When we think of vacations, we often think up images of faraway locations, like something along the lines of one of the three films in the Before Sunrise, Sunset, and Midnight trilogy. However, because of those thoughts we often miss the most important place to vacation — our own backyard! Well, not literally because who wants neighbors peeping in on your last-minute themed Parisian oasis, right? Before jetting off or road tripping out of state, become a local tourist. Visit homegrown sights, breweries, beaches, and historical places that enrich the experience of travel. Exploring your neighborhood is usually a discounted aspect to vacations, but the limitless profusion of ideas found in your backyard can offer more than a country half a world away.

What are some of your favorite vacation alternatives? Let us know in the comments below.

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