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Fly Like a Girl: ‘Supergirl’ – Episode 23 ‘Make it Reign’

Credit: The CW

Last night’s episode kicks off the two-part season finale for Supergirl and Earth is at stake. Read on for our recap of “Make it Reign”!

We start with Selena and her Kryptonian witches in the new Fortress of Sanctuary, greeting Coville and preparing to bring back Reign. On Argo, Kara and Mon-El discover that Selena has disappeared as well as the ship and realize that the two are connected. They realize that the need to find some way to get word to the DEO that Selena and evil are on the way.

Meanwhile, Ruby wakes Sam up and realizes that Sam’s getting sick and weak. Worried, Ruby wants her mother to get help so Sam promises that she’ll get Lena and Alex to help and, specifically fix her permanently. Speaking of Alex, M’yrnn shows up at the DEO with J’onn so that Space Granddad can say goodbye to Alex. He is ready to transfer his memories to his son and it is the end of his life. They all say tearful goodbyes. You’ll cry, too.

On Argo, Kara and Alura discover a crystal in Selena’s home that brings up a hologram of Selena. Selena reveals her plans and that she’s rigged her home to explode and kill them. Of course, no one dies, though Kara’s childhood friend is gravely injured. Back at the DEO, Sam undergoes tests and Lena finds that Sam’s cells are reverting to Kryptonian, but they’re oxygen deprived. Ruby suggests using sunlight to “charge” the cells.

Winn shows off some fancy non-lethal technology, a force field of sorts. That will be important later. Also notable later? M’yrnn and J’onn begin the end of life ritual while on Argo, Kara thinks Selena may have been working on a portal to come to Earth.

In the Fortress, the evil group tries to summon Reign, but her body won’t form. They need the blood of Purity and Pestilence, Coville say she knows where they can get it and sends them to the DEO. On Argo, Kara uses Alura’s hologram to reach Winn and warn them about Selena. Also, turns out that Kara’s father was working on a portal and Winn thinks he can replicate it to get the Argo folks to Earth. He’s working on his end of it when Selena and company show up and things get nuts. Alex fights two of them, one goes to find Winn, knocking him out in her search for the blood. With Selena and Alex fighting one on one, the third goes looking for Sam, but they hide.

Alex runs in with a kryptonite bullet and it sort of works. Agent Demos gets the blood. Kara uses the hologram to trick one of the Kryptonians into triggering the portal, which means Mon-El, Kara, and Alura all arive on Earth. However, the Evil Kryptonians end up with the blood as it gets them to leave — but not without killing Agent Demos in the process.

Lena thinks she knows what is going on with Sam and reveals that Reign is back, but as Reign gets stronger, Same gets weaker. They figure out that Sam can get stronger in the Valley of Juru, but she’s very weak so going there is a risk. At the Fortress, Reign appears separately from Sam and kills Coville as he has outlived his usefulness.

Because things are getting very bad and will only get worse, M’yrnn stops the ritual and both Green Martians come to help Supergirl deal with the Evil Kryptonians.

Next week? Season finale. Will Supergirl have to kill to save Earth? We’ll find out then!

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