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Starbucks Debuts New Summer ‘Pink Me up’ With the Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher

[Image Credit: Starbucks}

On Tuesday, Starbucks released its latest “Instagram-worthy” beverage to its cool summer menu with the bright and delicious, Mango Dragon Fruit Starbucks Refresher.

In a press release from the Seattle-based company earlier this week, the deep magenta colored iced-beverage is hand-shaken and is as exotic as it sounds with sweet, tropical flavors.

Alicia Binion of Starbucks Research and Development who created the beverage says the bright and vivid colors of the drink will be something everyone will want to take a picture with this summer and share with friends.

“People love both the flavor and color,” Binion said. “Even the name dragon fruit sounds magical,” Binion said. “It’s one of those up-and-coming flavors. The red-fleshed fruit is less common and helps make this drink so fun and unique.”

After a dreary winter and spring, the new summer addition boasts one of the most vibrant hues of the entire Starbucks menu, all thanks to its real red-fleshed dragon fruit, known as Pitaya and contains no artificial colors or sweeteners.

For those unsure about dragon fruit, it boasts a long list of health benefits and has been dubbed a superfood for the ages. With the fruit’s seeds being heart healthy lipids boosting omega-3 fatty acids that fight inflammation, dragon fruit, whether white or pink, has a significant source of micronutrients like calcium and vitamins A, B and C, and rich in antioxidants, that prevent free radical damage leading to premature aging and disease, while lowering the risk of certain types of cancer.

Drinking this “Dragon” is pretty easy with Starbucks selling it as the perfect way to cool down, refresh and recharge this summer. One of the first things customers will notice is its color, but its flavor is one to be appreciated too. The refresher is sweet without being overpowering, and the mango complements the tartness of the dragon fruit, which has the texture of a kiwi, but almost tastes like a strawberry.

The drink joins the chain’s other beloved refreshers, including the Strawberry Acai known as the “Pink Drink,” and the Very Berry Hibiscus known as the “Violet Drink.” From the looks of early reviews, fans are loving the new drink and in awe of its vibrancy.

While it will be available only for a limited time and speculated to stick around all summer long, no need to slay a dragon for this one! The beverage is available at participating Starbucks stores starting June 19 in both the U.S. and Canada. With a grande measuring at 16 ounces under just 100 calories, the company boasts there are 170,000 ways to customize any Starbucks menu item, including this one which benefits greatly from coconut milk.

Starbucks suggests customers can enjoy a creamier version of the new drink by requesting coconut milk instead of water in the refresher, turning the beverage into the “Dragon Drink,” highlighting creamy swirls of the tropical milk with the fruity mango and dragon fruit flavors.

The “Dragon Drink” is opaque due in part to the addition of coconut milk, and much lighter in color, but still really pretty and Instagram worthy. For those wondering which one is tastier, it really depends on how you’re feeling that day. Both are good in their own distinctiveness. Ordered straight up as the Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher, it’s tarty, the mango flavors feel rich and the dragon fruit plays as an accent. However with the addition of coconut milk, the creaminess cuts down that tart and adds a little more sweetness. Obviously, not too much, but the flavors of the dragon fruit feel a bit more heightened with the creamy textures as opposed to without, leaving the mango has an accent.

All in all, both are a great afternoon pick-me-up and bound to be a fan favorite this season.

Will you be trying the new Starbucks Refreshers? Have you tried it already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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