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How You Can ‘Stomp out’ Bullying to Make a Difference

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Whether in a verbal or social capacity at school, work or online, bullying is something that continues to impact millions of people every day both emotionally and mentally. Thankfully, there are a slew of amazing organizations based in the U.S. that can help prevent its effects and individuals from becoming repetitive targets.

One of the most influential organizations in the U.S. for individuals experiencing bullying is STOMP Out, known to educate and raise awareness on the ramifications of aggressive behavior. The organization prides itself on helping individuals bullied, as well as informing others on what they can do if they witness abusive behavior.

While prevention is key, bullying also needs to be looked at from the side of those inflicting harmful behavior to reveal a deeper understanding into causes and the impact of bullying.

STOMP Out’s impact on bullying

Founded in 2005, the STOMP Out Bullying organization has become the world’s most popular resource for helping children and youth who have or are bullied. One of their most recognizable campaigns occurring on Oct. 1, 2018, titled the “World Day of Bullying Prevention,” hopes to raise awareness by having supporters wear blue shirts. They also promote the fact that various other organizations, such as schools or workplaces can participate in the event and purchase t-shirts in support. In doing so, the person who has also organized the event has also succeeded in creating a positive environment where bullying can be discussed in a healthy way.

Funds raised by the organization benefit the world in a plethora of ways, including helping to increase the level of in-school education. Additionally, STOMP Out works closely with individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts through various programs, such as their HelpChat Line.

What can we do to help? 

Promoting amazing organizations like STOMP Out is definitely going to play a huge role in helping reduce the number of individuals who experience bullying. But there are several things that can be done to help improve the lives of those being bullied that also make a significant impact.

A study conducted by Seventeen found of the individuals surveyed between the ages of 13-24, 62 percent of them had considered transferring schools due to bullying. The study highlights how showing kindness to one another was the most important trait in 90 percent of the people, while humor followed at 50 percent. STOMP Out continues this trend by suggesting how one of the most important things you can do is to show support to someone bullied. This also highlights how bullying victims are not alone, which is one of the most important tools in helping.

What can you do as a victim?

As reported by Seventeen, STOMP Out founder, Ross Ellis, has provided several tips to remember in helping reduce the amount of cyberbullying. While he encourages those bullied to not respond to hateful messages, he does stress if hate continues to pass the message on to an adult you trust. Save the evidence, then contact the person’s ISP if they persist. If the behavior escalates and becomes threatening, he suggests contacting local law enforcement and blocking the harasser once you have any necessary copies of information.

When it comes to offline incidents, understand that bullying is not the fault of the person being bullied and that no one is alone. Additionally, the organization encourages trying to work out situations to gain a deeper sense of empowerment, while not shying from the impact others can have in defusing situations.

How bullies get started

The person who is often engaging in the bullying behavior may have several warning signs that you can spot as shared by Very Well Family. This includes being very competitive, becoming increasingly aggressive and often gets into verbal or physical altercations. Who they interact with, such as other individuals who may have these tendencies, can also be a warning sign. Reasons for this beginning can be linked to things such as a lack of supervision in the role of the parents, a chaotic home life — that may include physical punishments — or parents that lack the warmth and love for their children that other children may experience from their parents.

What happens to bullies? 

It was also reported by Very Well Family that those who engaged in bullying behavior from grades 6-9 were 60 percent more likely to have received at least one criminal conviction by the time they hit their mid-30s. Unfortunately, bullies are also more likely to pass that behavior to their children, which means parents who regret how they once behaved must pass those lessons to their children. Moreover, bullies are also known to struggle more with long-term relationships, as well as keeping steady employment.

Make a positive impact on the world

It is important to never be afraid to talk to someone about any potential issues. Counselors or other professionals such as people working for organizations like STOMP Out want nothing more than to help remind victims they’re not alone. If someone out there is bullying you, know that one of the best things to do is make today the last day you engage in such behavior.

Do you know someone who is being bullied? Be encouraged to reach out and drop them a kind word.

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