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Actor Jim Klock on His Latest Role With Soccer Legend Alex Morgan

Actor Jim Klock with soccer star Alex Morgan.

What do soccer superstar Alex Morgan and actor/activist Jim Klock have in common? His latest flick, Alex & Me! The film stars Klock as Joe Willis, father to Reagan (Siena Agudong) and Logan (Matt Cornett).

The film centers on Reagan, and her love of soccer as her life-sized poster of FIFA World Cup Champion Alex Morgan comes to life after hitting her head.

We spoke with Jim Klock on the new film, his passion for the Special Olympics, and his former life as a police officer.

“This is just a wonderful family film that is full of heart, laughter, and inspiration,” Klock says of his latest film, Alex & Me.

Touting the experience as one of the “best” he’s ever had, Klock goes on to share how much fun it was to work with the cast, crew, director Eric Champnella and of course, Morgan.

“Alex Morgan is rightfully known as an amazing soccer star but she’s an even more amazing woman,” he said. “Sienna Agudong who plays my daughter is an absolute star. I couldn’t have asked for a more special and amazing young lady to work with every day. All of the actors in this film were so much fun to work with and all of the young ladies in this film blew me away with their talent and professionalism. Seriously one of my most treasured gifts is the fact I was blessed to be cast in this film and got to work with these incredible people.”

Klock (left) with Sheriff David Decatur (right) {Image Credit: Jim Klock}

One thing fans should note about Klock is he wasn’t always in show-business. Klock has 20 years of experience as a police officer. And while his career didn’t begin in entertainment, he always felt he had a connection to the arts.

“I always felt a creative pull and loved acting in high school but I didn’t have anyone to help guide me towards pursuing it after high school. So once I went back to college after being a police officer for a few years I took an acting class for fun and then after the first assignment I was all in. I knew this was a gift from god that I was going to pursue with all of my heart and soul. So for years I did both, full time cop and part time actor/film maker. I read lots and lots of books on acting, screenwriting, producing and took a lot of acting classes while doing theater around D.C. as well,” Klock continues.

“Because of my police officer schedule, producing my own content became more doable than theater productions so I just started doing a lot of that so I could create my own opportunities as an actor and learn. I just kept at it and eventually had an opportunity to move to Los Angeles after building my resume a little on the east coast with shows like HBO’s The Wire which helped me get an agent. So I began to pursue acting/film making full time while dropping to part time as a deputy sheriff in Stafford, Virginia where I still work directly with sheriff David Decatur on special projects mixing the entertainment world and the law enforcement community together. We work a lot on raising awareness for the Virginia Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics.  I’ve been able to get friends I’ve worked with like Keanu Reeves, Alex Morgan, Armie Hammer, and Craig Robinson to help show their support for this awesome event and organization.”

And speaking of the Special Olympics, Klock has been involved with the organization due to his background in police work, something he’s proud to be involved with today.

Actors Armie Hammer (left) and Klock (right) supporting the Torch Run for the Special Olympics. Jim Klock (left) with Sheriff David Decatur (right) {Image Credit: Jim Klock}

“My sheriff David Decatur of the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office in Stafford, Virginia is one of my very best friends and has been such an inspiration to me for many years. He is a huge supporter of the Virginia Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics,” he said. “He’s just an incredible man who is always looking at ways the Sheriff’s Office can  do more to support the community and organizations that help our communities.”

With the current climate surrounding law enforcement, Klock goes into detail of how essential it is for police and communities to build solid foundations of trust, and the countless ways to get there.

“We’re always working together on ways to help bridge gaps between law enforcement and the community and one way we often discuss is using my work in the entertainment world to give back somehow,” he said. “He asked me if I would join him in raising awareness and supporting the Torch Run for the Special Olympics and I was extremely excited to get involved. So we came up with some ideas of things I could do from set with actors or stars I may be working with who would join us and it took off from there.”

In addition to Alex & Me, Klock also stars in the hit TV series Cloak & Dagger. Klock tells us a little about his role as Coach, and gives a sneak peak into what fans can expect.

“This is a really fun role. I play a very intense basketball coach at the prep school and I’m very hard on the players.  I had a wonderful time working on this project. It’s truly a special opportunity to be involved with such amazing companies as well as talented people behind the scenes and in front of the cameras.”

Klock with Keanu Reeves. Image Credit: Jim Klock

Klock’s experience in both police work and entertainment is quite extensive. With a background in acting, producing, and directing, what’s next for the actor?

“I’m actually very excited to try my hand at producing/creating television. I’ve had such an incredible experience creating/writing/directing/starring in my original digital series on Funny or Die called Interrogations Gone Wrong, where I’ve had some incredible guest stars like Keanu Reeves and Jason O’Mara.  I’ve learned so much and found it to be such a fun space to create in that I’ve developed a few half hour comedy series that we are in various stages of development with. I’m really looking forward to exploring these opportunities and making some fun content people hopefully can enjoy.”

Catch Klock in Alex & Me digitally and on Blu-ray and DVD now! See him in Cloak & Dagger on Hulu and Freeform now! You can keep up with Jim Klock and his upcoming projects on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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