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The Season’s Best All Over Skincare Exfoliators

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The forceful winds slapping you left, right and center can only mean one thing: winter is coming! And for most of us, that means lots of dry skin.

Our skin takes a beating not just from the punch of cold air outside, but the hot, dry air inside. The change in temperature leads to a dead skin graveyard sitting on our face all season long, dulling our appearance. Without the dramatics (or the legit. fear of a zombie complexion), just know it’s totally bad for your skin — especially when it starts to flake and get patchy.

Beauty practitioner, Jennifer Kauffman of the Vein Institute & Medi Spa says year-round exfoliating should continue well into winter as it helps skin appear younger, brighter, and smoother.

“By not continuing any skin exfoliation over the next few months, you could end up with skin that will leave you saying ‘Bah-Humbug’ instead of ‘Joy to the World’,” Kauffman says.

To help smooth out that wintry roughness and bring back your natural glow, we share some of the best exfoliants for your face, lips and body.


philosophy The Microdelivery Daily Exfoliating Wash

‘Philosophize’ while you pamper your skin with this effective exfoliator. As a mild cleanser guaranteed to replenish, protect, and improve your skin’s texture, its gentle formula helps retain moisture, leaving behind a deeply conditioned and hydrated complexion.

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

The key to fabulousness comes care of this adorable pastel teal tube. This water-based scrub ideal for oily skin helps de-flake and revitalize blood flow into the surface of the skin, keeping it firm and tight. Besides refining and refreshing, it also softens those stubborn tiny lines. You’ll have friends asking “What tiny lines?”

Anthony Facial Scrub

Formulated without parabens (fungus killers) and phthalates (plasticizers), this more-natural-than-most scrub gently exfoliates and brightens. With a citrus scent, this product’s lavish ingredients might even make you feel like you’re on the beach with Bora Bora white sand particles that help remove dead skin cells.


e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator

This sweet, sugary lip exfoliator is an asset to any skincare regimen. Infused with nourishing ingredients and oils, this inexpensive treatment smells like dessert as it protects. With a light vanilla scent, this exfoliator smooths lips, leaving a conditioned and revitalized feel that is utterly kissable!

Lush Mint Julep Lip Scrub

Essentially a mix of castor sugar and jojoba oil, this all-natural lip scrub might look like candy but it’s not—well, not really. This mouthwatering and lick-your-lips-friendly scrub smells like mint chocolate chip and immediately improves the condition of your lips. And since you only need a teeny-tiny amount, one pot lasts ages!

Glamglow Poutmud Fizzy Lip Treatment & Wet Lip Treatment

Since its release this past September, Glamglow’s über popular exfoliant is flying off shelves. The two-step multi-action exfoliating treatment promises silky, soft lips that instantly renews and energizes after one use. With a wide range of essential oils that make you feel like you’ve kissed tropical paradise, it’s no wonder it’s a hot stocking stuffer.


Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub

No time for the spa? No problem. This at-home spa-strength scrub softens and hydrates, with an all-natural formula boasting five biodegradable exfoliants. With gentle multi-particle polishing action, it leaves behind a beautiful glow and an unparalleled long-lasting moisture. Best of all, it helps eliminate unseen purities and that superficial bloating we sometimes experience.

Face Shop Honeysuckle 24 Moisture Body Exfoliator

Not only does this body scrub smell wonderful with an inviting honeysuckle scent (are you seeing the sweet-smelling pattern yet?), but the ingredients help relax your senses and mind. Guaranteed to moisturize and eliminate dead skin, its 24-hour formula promises to keep skin baby soft and smooth.

True Blue Spa There’s the Rub

If dry skin is rubbing you the wrong way, this cooling sea salt scrub with refreshing Eucalyptus will let you feel like you’re spending a day at the spa. Conveniently available at Bath & Body Works, it’s perfect to use once or twice a week before shaving or tanning. This scrub truly cools and reinvigorates your skin for a healthy, vibrant glow.

* * * * *

What are some of solid winter exfoliators you love to use? Have you tried the products above? Share with us in the comments below.

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