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Spain: Sun! Tapas! Summer Wine!

I took a little trip around Europe with my family this past July to visit my sister who’s studying in Switzerland. We decided to start in Madrid and then go by train to Barcelona, then Paris and then Geneva. Spain is wonderful, lots of history, great beaches and amazing food. I went on my own back in 2012 and it was great coming back with my family this year.

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Buenos Aires: Tango Overdose and Bacon Pizza

Ah Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America, the capital of tango and the paradise of red meat. I visited the cool capital of Argentina with my family back in early January and while I’ve been there several times, Buenos Aires remains fresh and always shows me a good time. What’s so great about Buenos […]

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The Mayan Apocalypse and Other Disappointments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without Facebook and History Channel, then you know this past December 21st was supposed to be the end of the world, this time courtesy of the Mayans. December 21st came and went and aside from a few people arrested in China and countless memes, we got nothing. Not […]

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Skyfall: Sexy Times with Fabulous Blondes

Skyfall marks the Bond franchise’s 50th anniversary but don’t go thinking 007 is ready for retirement. The new Bond film is a thrilling spectacle that feels fresh, modern, relevant and not a day over 22.

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“Juan of the Dead”: Mojitos and Zombies

Juan of the Dead is a Cuban zombie movie that combines blood spatter with Caribbean flavor and political undertones. There’s a bunch of stuff that I never thought I’d write together in a sentence. While politics and comedy in zombie movies are nothing new (Juan of the Dead‘s title borrows from British comedy Shaun of […]

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