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Switchfoot’s Fading West Is an Anthem-Heavy on Par Effort

Last year was a busy one for the guys in Switchfoot. In December they released their first documentary, Fading West, a film following them around the world as they searched for inspiration and more waves to surf. Throughout the filming they wrote their ninth studio album, also titled Fading West, which served as the documentary’s […]

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Top 10 Albums of 2013

I realize all the major outlets have the same albums hanging around towards the front of their lists (which raises a slew of other questions) but nonetheless, these are my personal favorite albums released this year.

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Pop Punk Needs The Story So Far

In a genre rarely taken seriously, a young band from Walnut Creek, Calif. has the potential to change that.

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My Favorite Athletes Happen To Be The Most Popular But I’m Not a Bandwagon Fan, So Quit Asking

Through the process of socialization, which none of us are born with, we start learning how to act in socially defined situations. For second through fourth graders groomed with a love for sports, this becomes a very important time. This is the age of understanding what it means to win or lose. It’s also the […]

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Tattoos Are More Than Just Ink

For me, tattoos are the ultimate way of transcending feelings I’m only able to explain with worn out words or tiresome actions, which are personal dilemmas. Aside from having to create an already tailored first-impression at specific job, other people’s opinions about the art on my skin never cross my mind.

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Why Vinyl?

If you’re a person who doesn’t know why they like music and are content with it just being there, this isn’t for you. However, I can relate to those folks at times. But the core of why I love music is rather complex. Vinyl is just a small, yet important, piece of the puzzle. Here’s […]

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Find A Role Model

I’d like to clear something up right off the bat. I have an obsessive personality that I’m well aware of, I probably get it from my Father. But I often struggle to decipher the difference between being passionate about believing in something, or just being easily obsessed with things–and that’s for another post. However, I […]

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Dating A Wedding Photographer

About four years ago I was lucky enough to steal the heart of a sweet Indiana girl with a passion for teaching the younger generation. She also loved Celine Dion, fashion, photography and lifestyle blogs. I’d never heard of the enormous phenomenon, “modern vintage,” until I met her.

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Taylor Swift Matters

5 REASONS TO FOLLOW MAINSTREAM’S CHOSEN ONE: In today’s world we need artists to be more than just musicians. The younger generation, especially, needs a good cultural leader. Hope resides in a 6-foot blonde girl woman that has mainstream music lovers on a super tight leash. In and away from music, she’s a saving grace.

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