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Filling Your Pages With Dreams: The K.M. Ashling Story

What are you doing with your life? That question isn’t meant to be rhetorical as it’s a question that we will all be asking ourselves at one point or another. For most of us, our life is a series of tasks that have to be completed, almost in a sort of video game style. Things […]

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How to bounce back after missing out on a job

What to Do After Striking Out in the Job Market

So after all of that hard work and preparation you did for your interview, not to mention the days or weeks of waiting for a reply, you finally get an email response from the employer. Guess what? They’ve decided to go in “another direction.” You may be devastated or frustrated but it’s important to remember […]

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how to ace an interview

How to Succeed During the “Courtship” of an Interview

With the holiday lull well behind us and the first hiring season of 2015 already in gear, many people are prepping themselves for one of the most nerve-racking situations that they hope will connect them with the job of their dreams. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in the workforce for twenty years or just […]

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The Anatomy of a Great Sports Team

If you were trying to construct the next great sports team, whether it be in football, soccer, basketball, etc., how would you do it? Would you try to comb the globe for the most robust talent, or would you focus more on how well your individuals combined into one unit? This is probably the sort of […]

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Living Better Overhaul: How to Finally Make This Year Your Healthiest

Admit it: when you said that you were “going to get healthy” in the New Year, you probably pictured yourself at the gym everyday or drinking kale smoothies for each meal. It sure sounds like what we all imagine to be the optimal path for healthiness. After all, consistent exercise and dieting would probably make just […]

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

12 Disappointments of the 2014 NFL Season

As another NFL season reaches its finale during the holidays, we’re all reminded of how misguided our predictions were back in the fall. For all of the entertainment it provides, the League is equally as adept when it comes to providing let downs or surprises. Whether you just knew that Tampa Bay was going to […]

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Seattle Seahawks Playoff Chances

Into the Red Zone: Who’s Making It to the Postseason

We’re into the late fall and for some teams in the NFL that means their idealized dreams of making the playoffs are falling like the leaves outside. It’s around this time of year that we start to see a huge divide between the hopeful and the dismal. In a year where offensive records have been brushed […]

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Scary and Revolutionary: 8 Films That Helped Define the Horror Genre

Horror movies have long been a source of thrills and entertainment for us all, especially around this time of year. While sometimes they can be misconstrued as films that rely on cheap scares and over-the-top monsters in lieu of plot-driven stories, the genre is full of great movies that could satisfy even the staunchest movie […]

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Finding Atlanta’s Best Pancakes

It’s National Pancake Day, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging yourself with the smell of a hot and flaky buttermilk pancake covered in warm maple syrup? If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area and are really wanting to taste the best pancakes the city has to offer, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice.

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Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere: The Surprise of Greenville, FL

Somewhere past Valdosta on the way to Tallahassee is the delightful gem if Greenville, just inside the panhandle on Florida. The town is full of back roads, farmland and drooping trees, but if you look hard enough you’ll find a cozy nook to spend a few days at Honey Lake Plantation.

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5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Fantasy Football Draft

Which one gets you more excited? Cheering on your favorite football team, or cheering on your fantasy football team? Be honest, when you realized that there was only a few weeks until the opening kickoff of the NFL regular season, the first thing you did was check with your buddies to see when your fantasy draft was happening.

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A Weekend on the Beaches of Pawleys Island

About a half hour away from Myrtle Beach is the city of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. It boast golf courses, great homey restaurants and of course, plenty of white sandy beaches. I visited Pawleys Island for a bachelor party earlier this summer and had a chance to relax at a private house that let out onto Litchfield Beach.

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The Revolution of Music: Celebrating 30 Years of Purple Rain

Prince has been one of the World’s most successful musicians for over a generation, as well, an enigmatic figure in today’s pop culture. From the slick perm of yesteryear to the blown out fro of today, Prince has continually found ways to reinvent himself without compromising his music or who he is – an icon. And if you had to choose one moment when his legendary status was born, you’d have to say it was the release of his album and movie, both titled Purple Rain in the summer of 1984.

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