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Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour

Album Review: Kacey Musgraves Glows on ‘Golden Hour’

Kacey Musgraves, country music’s golden girl from Golden, Texas, has entered her golden hour. The “golden hour” refers to that brief period of time after sunrise or before sunset during which the daylight is at the height of its vividness and warmth. It’s a phenomenon that provides the perfect metaphor for the transformative personal experiences […]

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Album Review: James Durbin Leads the ‘Riot on Sunset’

One of the most exciting parts of being a music fan is following a band or singer’s career and hearing the ways their sound and lyrics evolve from album to album. When James Durbin rocked the Idol stage back in Season 10, he was known for his slogan “Keep Metal Alive,” having brought songs by […]

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Mind of Malik: Zayn’s Debut Album Aims Too High To Please

Full disclosure: I am a Directioner. If you’re unsure, that’s a ride-or-die, ‘til-the-end One Direction fan. On March 25, 2015, I (along with the most of the 1D fandom) was confused, saddened, and angry after learning one of the band’s founding members, Zayn Malik, walked away from the group. Fast forward exactly one year later: […]

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Switchfoot’s Fading West Is an Anthem-Heavy on Par Effort

Last year was a busy one for the guys in Switchfoot. In December they released their first documentary, Fading West, a film following them around the world as they searched for inspiration and more waves to surf. Throughout the filming they wrote their ninth studio album, also titled Fading West, which served as the documentary’s […]

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Artpop’: Masterpiece or Messy?

The pop superstar is back with a new album full of hot and unfiltered tracks set to loud electronic beats with some surprises. But is Lady Gaga truly better than ever on ‘Artpop’? Check out our track-by-track review to break it down for you.

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Maroon 5’s Overexposed: Ironically Overhyped, or an Ingenious Parody?

If you listen to Top 40 radio, there’s a pretty good chance that you saw this coming: Maroon 5’s latest studio album, Overexposed, makes its worldwide release today and for many Maroon 5 followers, the promise of a new album comes with mixed feelings.  On one hand, the prospect of fresh music from a band that has […]

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