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7 Quick and Decadent Chocolate Desserts That Will Have You at ‘Hello’

There are times where you just need chocolate immediately. With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, perhaps the craving is due to the aggressive marketing that surrounds us everywhere we go. Or maybe intense chocolate cravings like this are normal occurrences in your life, slogans and images or not. I tend to fall into the later category […]

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7 Recipes to Celebrate National Brownie Day

Tomorrow is National Brownie Day! Coming in just a few days after National Cookie Day, I’d really like to meet whoever it is that decides things such as this. I think we’d be friends — you can never have too many sweets or sweet holidays. Despite their proximity and popularly, there aren’t too many similarities […]

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Spooky Halloween Spider Brownie Bites

By now, many of you are scrambling to put together your costume (yup, we know, another Target run) and maybe you’re even wondering if you should pick up a carton of one of those pre-frosted Halloween sugar cookies, since you just remembered telling the hostess you’d bring something. Or, maybe you are noticing for the first time […]

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