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Spooky Halloween Spider Brownie Bites

By now, many of you are scrambling to put together your costume (yup, we know, another Target run) and maybe you’re even wondering if you should pick up a carton of one of those pre-frosted Halloween sugar cookies, since you just remembered telling the hostess you’d bring something. Or, maybe you are noticing for the first time “potluck” in tiny writing on your invite.  Have no fear, gremlins! Below is a fun, easy, dripping with chocolate, and may we proudly say, original Hudsucker Halloween treat from our kitchen to yours.


Spooky Halloween Spider Brownie Bites


Brownie bites (I used the Costco kind. Easy.)
A couple handfuls of chocolate chips, melted
Pretzel sticks
Chocolate sprinkles
Red hots


Take a brownie bite, turn it on its side, and slice it in half. You’re going to make a sandwich of sorts because just sticking the pretzels into the brownie will result in a crumpled up mess unfortunately. And, use a plastic knife! This is very important, since brownie bits will stick to a metal knife and also result in a handful of crumbs.

Next, spread a thin layer of melted chocolate chips on the inside of both halves of the brownie bite sandwich. The melted chocolate will serve as the “glue” that holds the spider and its eight pretzel legs together. I also thought the spiders looked better when the brownie bite was upside down since the top of the brownie bite is wider than the bottom. So take the larger top half and arrange eight pretzel legs on top of the melted chocolate spread (the melted chocolate helps to hold them in place). Then top with the second half of the brownie bite like a sandwich. It should look like a spider at this point!

Lastly, spread some melted chocolate on top of the spider “head” and add the chocolate sprinkles. This makes them spooky a.k.a. hairy! And of course, two red hots for scary eyes.

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