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We’re All Cool: The Fiction That is “The Cool Girl”

In her novel Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn defines the perfect girl of the twenty-first century. The novel’s primary female character Amy, has a long speech in which she details this perfect girl, a creature she calls the “cool girl.” 

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Keeping the Fires Burning: Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

A long-distance relationship is an investment by two people who can’t be together due to circumstances or choice. We’ve covered some of the reasons that people enter into long-distance relationships here. Movies like Sleepless in Seattle play up the mystique of LDR’s but the realities don’t fit into a Hollywood ending.

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Love is in the Air: 10 Spring Date Ideas

Spring is finally here. Warmer weather, check. Longer days, check. Love in the air, check. Spring has always been the season for blossoming flowers, wildlife, and even romance. With all that the warm weather of spring has to offer, dinner and a movie dates can be put on hold until winter. Whether you and your […]

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He Said, She Said: Hesitation with ‘Coming Out’

‘Coming out’ isn’t always easy but it is a positive experience tied into a very personal and deep emotional process. One of the first steps in coming out is being able to recognize one’s own sexual identity and working toward self-acceptance.

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Caught in a Web of Curiosity: My Online Dating Experiment

Despite what your parents told you and despite any stigma that people will give you, meeting people from the Internet in real life won’t kill you (IF you’re smart about it—don’t go out and meet ‘killeroftehladiez666′ by the abandoned building at 11PM. If you’re under the age of 18, please do listen to your elders […]

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