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AKA The Strongest Heroine on Netflix – A Look at Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’

In October 2013, Marvel Studios announced the preparation of four drama series and a miniseries totaling sixty episodes for release through Netflix.  Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist were announced as the properties to find life on the small screen. Marvel’s Daredevil released this past April to popular acclaim, centering around the dark and detailed […]

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Movie Review: ‘Crimson Peak’ – The Haunting (Struggle) Is Real

Haunted houses are one of Halloween’s biggest attractions. Creepy creatures hide around each corner waiting to jump–scare the unsuspecting visitor half out of their shoes. When all is said and done, everyone laughs at the diversion and goes home happy. A few of us even hide under the blankets just in case there really is […]

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Movie Review: ‘Everest’ – All About That Base (Camp)

Many people dream of climbing mountains, but few people ever experience the rush. It’s about more than finding a trail and following it to the top. Professional climbers, and those that guide them, must school themselves in a number of safety precautions for years before making the attempt. Add to this the excellent physical shape […]

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Movie Review: The Not-So-‘Fantastic Four’

The Fantastic Four is my favorite superhero team in the Marvel Universe. When I started reading comics, I loved X-Men and the Avengers, but was captivated by the idea of family that journeyed into the unknown together. They had differences and good times like any family, and they also beat up bad guys. No matter […]

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Movie Review: ‘Terminator Genisys’ – He’s Back!

James Cameron’s The Terminator stormed the box office in 1984 with a story of time-travel, choice versus fate, and human heroes fighting against an implacable and unstoppable villain. Arnold Schwarzenegger, already popular from the Conan films, solidified his status as a bankable box office star. Linda Hamilton, and Michael Biehn, along with their characters of […]

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Movie Review: “Entourage” – The Boys are Back in Town!

Everyone dreams of becoming famous. In 2004, HBO introduced us to Vincent Chase, the lead of the hit series Entourage, which was based in part on the life and career of Mark Wahlberg. Chase is an A–List movie star who brings his older brother, Johnny “Drama” Chase and friends Sal “Turtle” Assante, and Eric “E” […]

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The Fourth Awakens

Thirty–eight years ago, on May 25 1977, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, brought us the stories of the young Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, his long–lost sister Leia Organa, and the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca. This kicked off a multi—billion dollar franchise regarded as one of the greatest film series of all time, making […]

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Netflix is the Devil’s Playground – A Look at “Daredevil”

Comic-book fans have waited since late last year for the reboot for Daredevil, the blind lawyer-turned-vigilante from 2003’s film of the same name starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Colin Farrell. The leads received praise for their performances but the film itself was weak on plot and character development. The director’s cut […]

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Welcome to the Age of Heroes

I recently attended a local game night with some good friends. We meet up once or twice a month for dinner and drinks, and discuss our favorite hobbies and pastimes. Board games and sports are the usual topics but on this night, I brought along the DC Heroes Deck-Building Game, a card game where players can […]

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Movie Review: About a (Robot) Boy – “Chappie”

The science–fiction genre is filled with several examples of creatures that are more human than human beings. Most of them come across as heavy–handed morality tales that leave audiences wondering why they spent time and money being lectured on why humans and corporations are terrible, yet the things humans and corporations create are not. Movies […]

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Before SHIELD: “Marvel’s Agent Carter”- Episode 8 “Valediction”

We’ve arrived at the final episode for the inaugural season of Marvel’s Agent Carter. We’ve followed Peggy Carter as she’s reassembled her life after the loss of her love, Captain America, and her struggle for respect in a male–dominated 1940’s America.

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Before SHIELD: “Marvel’s Agent Carter”- Episode 7 “Snafu”

Inspired by the films “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Marvel’s Agent Carter” is a series created for ABC based on beloved Agent Peggy Carter. Our writer, DeShawn Blankenship recaps the mini-series each week, updating you with the very latest in his series, Before SHIELD.

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Spy Games – “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Kingsman: The Secret Service, produced by Marv Films and 20th Century Fox, gives us a glimpse of a fictional spy organization and what it takes to join their ranks through the eyes of a young man who didn’t know that he had it in him escape the life he was born to and become a true hero. Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Taron Edgerton and Mark Strong lead a talented cast in a fun and fast–paced action film directed by Matthew Vaughn. Michael Caine, Sofiia Boutella, and Sophie Cookson also star.

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