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DC Crossover Week Recap – Legends of Tomorrow: “Invasion!”

The epic, four-part DC Week crossover event concluded last night with Legends of Tomorrow. The whole week has been full of solid episodes and has really expanded on the various shows’ characters and their motivations. However, like all good crossovers things have to straighten out and get back to normal. This recap contains spoilers, so abandon the Waverider now if you don’t want to know!

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DC Crossover Week Recap – Arrow: ‘Invasion!’

The episode opens with Oliver Queen jogging through the woods that open up to the backyard of the Queen mansion. Considering that we haven’t seen that in awhile something is clearly up. This is confirmed when he goes inside and takes a shower with Laurel, who is supposed to be dead. The kicker? Oliver and Laurel are talking about their wedding that’s upcoming. Yep. Something is off. What is that something? Oliver, Sara, Thea, Diggle, and Ray are actually in the clutches of the Dominators and are presently in a stasis pod. Think the Matrix, but creepier.

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