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DC Crossover Week Recap – Legends of Tomorrow: “Invasion!”

Image Credit: The CW

Image Credit: The CW

The epic, four-part DC Week crossover event concluded last night with Legends of Tomorrow. The whole week has been full of solid episodes and has really expanded on the various shows’ characters and their motivations. However, like all good crossovers things have to straighten out and get back to normal. This recap contains spoilers, so abandon the Waverider now if you don’t want to know!

Speaking of the Waverider, the time ship returns to Central City and what I’m positive is the Hall of Justice after dropping Thea back in Star City. Not sure why she’s not participating now, but okay. Maybe she’s having a little PTSD from her experience being kidnapped by the Dominators and that’s what everyone’s talking about. Well, that and how the Dominators are likely going after metahumans, but there has to be more to it so Oliver suggests that that they turn the tables by abducting a Dominator to question. Where do you get one? Nate suggests going back in time to 1951 when the aliens were last on planet. Cisco, super into the idea of time travel, volunteers to go and Felicity follows suit as the team gets a phone call from the new President. People not jumping into action? Supergirl. Why? Because Oliver Queen is a jerk and is threatened by a smart, pretty, Kryptionian powerhouse who happens to be female. Ollie wants normal back and by normal he clearly means that he needs to feel superior and bad about everything. Whatever. Supergirl is not happy. I don’t blame her.

So Cisco and Felicity have a great time on the Waverider as they enjoy this time travel stuff. They are getting their geek on while at STAR Labs, Caitlin brings Dr. Stein’s daughter to work with him. This may not be a good idea. Going to 1951 may also prove to be a poor plan. The Waverider lands in Redmond, Orgeon where they Dominators first showed up. Felicity gets sick from time travel and Mick makes Cisco stay on the ship with her while the Legends head out to go find a Dominator. They find the alien bad guys at the end of the fight with the military and Mick spots one of the aliens that is away from the others. He and Nate knock the alien out, but that doesn’t go so well since the man with glasses shows up, tranquilizes everyone, and drags them off.

Dr. Stein is freaked out about his daughter and ultimately confides in Caitlin that the girl is a time aberration that he created on accident and that after the Dominators are defeated, she will be erased. Yep, Dr. Stein is going to go back and undo his daughter. Don’t do the thing, Dr. Stein.

So the captured Legends are locked in a room with the Dominator. No one can access powers because of the tranquilizer so Nate asks the Dominator questions, but get nowhere before glasses dude shows up and takes the alien to torture him. This doesn’t settle well with the Legends. Fortunately for them, Cisco and Felicity have found weapons.

So back in Central City, Ollie, Barry, Sara, and Ray are hanging out for the President. It’s not the President who shows, though. It’s the glasses dude, now old. Seems he wants to take the gang down, but Barry stops them. The man in glasses explains that the aliens think metahumans are an issue. They also all know that the Flash is Barry Allen and that when Barry created Flashpoint, he broke a truce the aliens made in 1951. To save the world, Barry has to sacrifice himself to the Dominators.

Back in 1951 Cisco and Felicity roll up with the guns and rescue the Legends. Nate insists they save the Dominator and then send him back home. Cisco ends up with a transponder so they can communicate with the Dominator and then the whole crew goes back to 2016 and contact the alien upon arrival. The Dominator is not ungrateful for the save. He says that they will be spared for saving his life, but Barry still has to be sacrificed. Oh and the Dominators have a weapon to kill all the metahumans, but millions of humans will also die. They try to call the alien back, but no answer. Cisco and Nate vibe to the ship to talk to him, but they can’t convince the semi-friendly Dominator to stop.

That’s when Cisco realizes that their actions in 1951 made things worse. That’s when Cisco realized that he did what Barry did. Boom.

Stein’s daughter gets upset she can’t solve something and Caitlin points out that it’s probably because she’s distracted. Stein goes to talk to the girl, named Lily, and apologizes. In his apology, the pair figure out how to solve their issue and it’s awesome.

Barry is ready to be a martyr and says goodbye. The gang threaten to fight to protect him. Cisco decides they are friends again and Barry decides to stay. Of course, now the Dominators are dropping the bomb. Cisco and Sara head off in the Waverider. Stein hooks them up with a pain weapon to disable the Dominators on the ground. Everyone else, Supergirl included, prepare to fight on the roof and while they do, Flash runs around and puts the weapons on the aliens.

The Waverider catches the bomb in its tractor beam, but it only slows the bomb down. Firestorm tries to transmute the bomb, but it’s too big. Supergirl saves the Green Arrow before she and the Flash finish tagging the other Dominators. Then, on Ollie’s signal, the weapon is activated. Down goes the Dominators. Firestorm struggles to transmute and finally succeeds after Stein begs Jax to do it to save Lily. Defeated, the Dominators pack up their toys and leave.

Happy day! The new President honors the heroes there at the Hall of Justice and we get a fun Easter egg where Ray notes that Kara looks like his cousin. Ollie apologizes to Kara and Cisco gives her a devices that she can use to communicate with them and travel back and forth to their Earth. Separately, Stein tells Jax about Lily and asks for help keeping the secret as Stein wants to keep his daughter. The guy in glasses is now being sent to Antarctica because Kara talked to the President. Sara and Ollie make peace with their past and Diggle tells Barry to forgive himself. And then? Barry and Ollie hang out at a bar, coming to the conclusion that normal life was not full so they toast instead to a live that is anything but normal, but definitely full.

And that ends our crossover event! Thank you all for tuning in for the recaps! See you back next week!

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