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Starbucks Makes Delicious New Changes to Its Espresso Menu

With 2018 finally here, Starbucks isn’t the only one adding a twist to its signature look this season. The Seattle-based coffee company announced earlier this month it would be introducing a new item to its catalog of drinks, and this time it’s not a Frappuccino.

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The Very Best Starbucks Holiday Menu Drinks Ranked

If you’re a coffee fiend and fan of Starbucks, you would know that the Seattle-based company is always adding new drinks to their holiday menu. Renowned for concocting the most festive and Instagram-worthy drinks, year in and year out, there is a lot to love.

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Coffee Guide: Kansas City

When people think about Kansas City food they most commonly think about steak and barbecue. While the greater Kansas City area does do both and do them well, its surrounding suburbs have a thriving coffee culture with popular caffeine crawls and custom roasters. Kansas City is even home to Pete Licata, 2013 World Barista Champion. Getting a […]

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