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Have You Tried Chia Yet?

Everyone and their mother have talking about chia seeds lately, and with good reason.  Hailed as the one of the hottest and most super of all foods, chia seeds are actually quite ancient. The nutrient rich seeds were widely used in Aztec and Mayan cultures for the energy they provided. In fact, the word chia means […]

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They’re Not Nuts: Tiger Nuts Review

So a couple of months back I wrote an article about gluten free travel snacks that didn’t suck. Gluten free snacks in general have been a challenge since I found out in September 2013 that I need to eliminate gluten from my life for medical reasons, but travel or portable snacks have been the biggest […]

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Gluten Free Travel Snacks That Don’t Suck

Dietary restrictions are a drag. Think about it: for whatever reason you just can’t eat certain things or ingredients and it limits your tasty landscape. No dietary restriction is fun, though some are easier to handle than others. Nut and dairy restrictions generally still leave a person with lots of options. But a wheat or […]

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