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They’re Not Nuts: Tiger Nuts Review

So a couple of months back I wrote an article about gluten free travel snacks that didn’t suck. Gluten free snacks in general have been a challenge since I found out in September 2013 that I need to eliminate gluten from my life for medical reasons, but travel or portable snacks have been the biggest struggle. At home I can happily throw down on delicious gluten free waffles with some nutella and banana, but that isn’t something easily stashed in my bag for long days at work or on the road (or in many cases even in the air since I tend to travel at every available opportunity.)

After reading of my plight the good folks at Tiger Nuts reached out to me. Had I heard about their snack food? Nope, I had not, so they sent me a pack of their Supreme Peeled Tiger Nuts so that I could give them a try and see how they would work into my mobile gluten free life. I’m never one to turn away a snack so I decided to give them a try.


Image Credit: Tiger Nuts

First, what are Tiger Nuts? While I don’t have a nut allergy (yet…my body seems to like to develop new and exotic allergies on the regular,) I know a lot of folks with gluten concerns also have nut allergies. I have to think of my nut-free friends, too. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Tiger Nuts aren’t nuts. Turns out they’re actually little tubers, part of the sedge family and the plant is sometimes referred to as an earth almond or tiger nut sedge. The edible ones are largely cultivated in Spain, which is where the folks at Tiger Nuts get theirs.

Tiger Nuts are reported to be rich in energy content, such as starch, fat, sugar, and protein as well as vitamins and minerals. They contain more starch than sweet potatoes and are supposed to help curb the appetite. Of course, I don’t care about the health aspect when I want a snack most of the time. I just want a snack! I want to know how they taste and how they stack up in my snack lineup.

Tiger Nuts are slightly sweet, firm, and a little bit like a cashew in regards to their mouth feel. They maintain their sweetness as you chew them, but then they sort of have this nutty, earthy hint of flavor. They started to remind me of what coconut would taste and feel like if it was in a little nugget and wasn’t sweetened. I’m not going to pretend: it was a little weird at first. I had a difficult time eating them by themselves because I’m super into texture (which is why a lot of gluten free substitute foods don’t appeal to me.) I liked the flavor, though, and I really didn’t want to rule Tiger Nuts out. That’s when I had a genius idea: Tiger Nuts would be epic in snack mix.

Here’s what I did: I took some Tiger Nuts, some dried cranberries, some dark chocolate chips, and a few almonds and mixed them together. It was amazing and the best part was I ate less of it than I would have if I had used pretzels instead of Tiger Nuts because this version was a lot more filling. I’m already working out an idea of lightly roasting the Tiger Nuts with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar to make a crunchy snack for holiday parties. I’m also considering savory options, but I’m a sweets girl. There are lots of snack options here and they are super portable.

So bottom line: they look a little odd and are initially a bit weird, but Tiger Nuts are definitely a gluten free snack that doesn’t suck. I will definitely be buying more of these.

For more information on Tiger Nuts, check out their website.

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