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Return of the King: Godzilla

I wasn’t a fan of monster movies as a kid. I fell asleep on Jaws when I was nine and Cujo ruined my relationship with dogs. Godzilla was the first monster movie I liked because they were fun movies to watch with my siblings on a weekend as we sorted through my dad’s old VHS […]

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Man vs. Monster: GODZILLA’s Patrick Sabongui

Between writing, directing, and producing, many of today’s Hollywood actors wear several different hats when it comes to the projects they choose to work on. Variety is the spice of life, and actors who solely act are becoming less and less common as the years go on. But actor Patrick Sabongui chose to add a different title onto his resume: stunt man.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

10 Movies That Have a Chance to Sizzle This Summer

Even though mid-June is when the summer season truly starts, the summer movie season begins as soon as school lets out in the late spring. Film executives are generally playing the probability game: if less people have time consuming commitments throughout the week, that means more people are looking for ways to kill time. Of […]

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