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Movie Review: Deadpool – The Merc Puts The Money Where His Mouth Is

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has built its reputation on well-written, well-acted blockbuster films that are both entertaining and serious, while elevating the “comic book superhero movie” to something just a little more. With Deadpool, Marvel deviates from that formula with a film about a decidedly not heroic mercenary with a foul mouth, a love of […]

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Movie Review: ‘Crimson Peak’ – The Haunting (Struggle) Is Real

Haunted houses are one of Halloween’s biggest attractions. Creepy creatures hide around each corner waiting to jump–scare the unsuspecting visitor half out of their shoes. When all is said and done, everyone laughs at the diversion and goes home happy. A few of us even hide under the blankets just in case there really is […]

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Movie Review: ‘Everest’ – All About That Base (Camp)

Many people dream of climbing mountains, but few people ever experience the rush. It’s about more than finding a trail and following it to the top. Professional climbers, and those that guide them, must school themselves in a number of safety precautions for years before making the attempt. Add to this the excellent physical shape […]

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The Scorch Trials: Can Sequels Live up to the Originals?

Last year, in keeping with the YA books-turned-movies theme that has become so popular in the past decade, we saw James Dashner’s The Maze Runner brought to life on the big screen. I reviewed the film back in September, and found it enjoyable and entertaining, with a solid cast to make up for the sometimes-confusing story. This […]

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Movie Review: ‘Jurassic World’ Proves That ’90s Nostalgia Isn’t Extinct

You must have been hiding under a rock in the Cretaceous Period to have missed the damage Universal’s “Jurassic World” did to the box office records during its opening weekend in the United States. In terms of being a financial success, even with the traditional second week drop-off, it’s fair to say that the film will […]

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