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Idol Top 7 Performances: We Will, We Will Rock… Someone?

I have to give Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe credit for trying. He’s realized, by now, that the fuel for the Idol Machine, so to speak, is audience participation. We connected with these performers, we vote for them, we tune in week in and week out and, ultimately, we’re the reason they succeed or fail in […]

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Idol – Top 8 Results: Boys At The Bottom…

I apologize for the late results show recap this week. I went home for the holidays and didn’t really have a spare second to breath, let alone write a comprehensive article on what went down on Thursday night, but I’m here now to give you my insight on the constant grinding of the gears in […]

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Idol – Top 8 Performances: Motown… And More?

Well, once again Idol kind of dropped the ball on the theme week. The theme was “Motor City Music” or artists who recorded in Detroit, yet only one of the songs was not from the show’s recycled Motown Catalogue. I’m not sure if it was the contestants and the producers decision, but either way, I […]

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Idol Top 9 Results – I Never Really Cared Until You Left Us

After a promising Top 10 results show featuring statistics and a detailed breakdown of the votes, that promise was revoked this week and Nigel withheld the details of which contestants landed in the Top 3. I’m guessing because it wasn’t the three he was hoping for, so he led us to believe that everything was […]

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Idol Top 9 Performances – Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice, Beatle Juice

I’m going to open with this disclaimer: I don’t have any strong feelings about the Beatles. What I mean is, I don’t worship them as God’s gift to music, like some people, but I don’t hate them either. I recognize that they knew how to write a good song with solid lyrics and a great […]

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Idol Top 10 Results – Please Stop Believing

Last night’s results show was an interesting one for a lot of reasons. First, in the weeks prior to Season 12’s debut, Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe made several comments about wanting to do what X Factor did in it’s second season and reveal the actualities about how the votes played out. No one knew if […]

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Idol Top 10 Performances – The Winner Takes It All

Well, producer Nigel Lythgoe heard our cry. “We want new themes! More music!” We’ve cried after hearing the same songs over and over again on the show. This week’s theme had the potential to open the doors to new, creative song choices. But in reality we got 1… count them: ONE song that had never […]

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Idol Top 10 Announced – May The Odds Be Ever In Your… Range?

For the first time since Season 1, American Idol has restrained itself. “Wildcards be damn’d!” Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe said this season, we’re having a round Top 10 with the most talented 5 guys and 5 girls we can get and, for once, I’m basically in agreement with the ten they chose. That being said, […]

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