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Andrew is a staff writer at the “The Hudsucker”. He is a 30 year old lawyer living in Ottawa. Besides legal jargon, his brain capacity is taken up by reality show trivia, video game walk-throughs and room escape strategies. Andrew is also happily in a long-term, long-distance relationship. Follow him on Twitter as @sublymonal.

Idol Top 10 Results – Please Stop Believing

Last night’s results show was an interesting one for a lot of reasons. First, in the weeks prior to Season 12’s debut, Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe made several comments about wanting to do what X Factor did in it’s second season and reveal the actualities about how the votes played out. No one knew if he’d actually do it, but many of us were holding out hope that he would, given the foul cried in past season’s when one of the season’s shining talents went home before the likes of Sanjaya.

But Lythgoe held true to his word and tonight we got voting totals… sort of. We found out who was in the Top 3, but not in what order, and then 4 through 10 was announced in order. Apparently my ratings rang true, because my Top 3 girls: Candice, Kree and Angela, turned out to be the Top 3 vote getters.

Image Credit: MSNBC Media

Image Credit: MSNBC Media

The second interesting part of this results show was that it was the first time that we had the gentleman and the ladies going head to head in the votes. It was the first time we’d get to see whether Nigel’s power play to get a girl to win was actually working. Based on the fact that the bottom 4 were all men and the Top 3 were all women, I’d say his ploys have been working thus far. That being said, it could just be that America is recognizing the talent of these women all on their own. But I digress…

From there on out, the voters when like this:

  • In 4th: Lazaro Arbos
  • In 5th: Amber Holcomb
  • In 6th: Janelle Arthur
  • In 7th: Burnell Taylor

Which means the Bottom 3 was Paul Jolley, Devin Velez and Curtis Finch Jr. Paul came as a shock to me as the white male pop-country singer but, as I said, he hasn’t really sold himself in that genre yet and I don’t think the voters are buying into it with more authentic country singers on that stage like Janelle and Kree. That being said, Paul was the next one sent to safety.

Before I get to the actual eliminations and the dreaded/dramatic Judge’s Save portion of the show, I’d like to comment on the other performances we saw tonight:

  • The Top 10 Group Performance: “Shine Your Way” from The Croods Movie – 38% – Ugh, one thing I’ll just never understand is how hit or miss group performances are on this show. One season they’re lip-syncing, the next season they’re singing Ke$ha songs, and then they finally get one bang on and the next week they’re back to a terrible, cheesy song like this one. Sorry Owl City, but this did not make for an enjoyable 2 to 3 minutes of television and the choreographed hand gestures at the end were just the overly sweet whipped cream on that ice cream sundae of nauseating treacle.
  • Phillip Phillips: “Gone, Gone, Gone” from his debut album “The World From The Other Side Of The Moon” – 69% – I love Phil. He’s seems like a funny, dorky guy and he’s just completely unpretentious and his music reflects that. I’m glad this song became his 3rd single because it really is great and it’s also the Idol send-off song this season that plays over the video package of the person voted off on Thursday nights. That being said, who told Phil to go on national television with no makeup and after having no stylist even glance at his scruffy, unkempt hair? Normally I don’t care about those things so much, but when he looks like he’s going to pass out on stage, something must be done! Otherwise, I enjoyed this.
  • Bon Jovi: “Because We Can” from their album “What About Now” – 60% – Seriously does Jon Bon Jovi age? I swear he’s looked like he’s in his mid to late 40’s for the past 20 years. Anyway, this song was okay. Sounds like all their other stuff, which I guess works for them considering their tour is sold out but I wasn’t compelled to go download it on iTunes or anything. Sometimes I like to sit and dream of other acts they could have brought in over the big names, but I guess they bring the ratings and revenue in.

And then, the dramatic moment. Last week Ryan promised us that the 6th guy and 6th girl in the votes last week would sing again for a spot on the summer tour. Whether they’ll be returning to the show is still up in the air, but I doubt it given that, with the judge’s save, we’re right on schedule. So here’s who returned and what they sang:

  • For the boys: Charlie Askew singing his original “Sky Blue Diamond” – 48% – This was definitely better than Charlie’s past two weeks on the show. His covers of Rocket Man and Mama left a lot to be desired and had me questioning how he even made it past the audition rounds. This song, at least, reminded me why the judges gave him a shot in the first place. That being said, the kid is mentally fragile. He nearly had a breakdown on national television in the week’s prior and he’s proven to be inconsistent. If I’m paying to go see the summer tour, I sure as hell don’t want him starting the show.
  • For the girls: Aubrey Cleland singing “Out Here On My Own” – 53% – Girl, could you have chosen a more boring song? Do you realize you’re singing for the kind of summer job that will give you the exposure to have a viable music career after the show? And you choose this? I don’t know… it wasn’t a train wreck, but it wasn’t anything to write home about. Still, I’d rather have her opening the show. At least she’s pretty and mentally stable, as far as we know.

Image Credit: FOX Broadcasting/19 Entertainment

Anyway, the choice is ours and you can vote even if you live in another country, so make your pick.

Anyway, back to the relevant content of the show: Who’s going home? It’s funny that it came down to my predicted eliminee and my ideal eliminee. I was so afraid for Devin, but in the end, Puerto Rico helped him through to next week and Curtis was left to sing for his life. Nicki Minaj, in her over-dramatic fashion, declared that if Curtis was sent home, she’d be going home to. That made me fearful as Curtis sang for the judge’s save – for which that have to be unanimous.

Image Credit: FOX Broadcasting/19 Entertainment

He sang better than he did the previous night, more restrained, but still nothing amazing. But I can imagine one’s nerves take over with your head on the chopping block as the judges play musical chairs deliberating you fate. As much as I was confident that the judges would save their power for when one of their precious girls was in danger, in that moment I wasn’t so sure. Especially when Mariah began to go on about how much she connected with Curtis and Nicki sat, arms crossed, set in her ways. In the end, Randy burst Curtis’s bubble and told him his time was over on the show. Well done Season 10, you’re off to a great start already.

 Now, it’s time to re-evaluate their odds of winning after Week 1:

Image Credit: FOX Broadcasting/19 Entertainment

9. Devin Velez (-1, He falls thanks to his close call and his need to pick a good song next week, or else)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “The Long & Winding Road” (He said he wanted to emulate Buble and Groban, and this song’s perfect for that)

8. Paul Jolley (No change. He stays basically the same. His early Bottom 3 appearance, while surprising after a fairly decent performance, just proves my point about the audience not buying his country/pop shtick)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “Jealous Guy” (Yeah, Casey James killed this during Season 9, but the judges seem to ignore the fact that that season ever happened so Paul could redo this in his own style)

7. Amber Holcomb (+2, She rises after giving a good performance and getting high praise from the judges. I’m still not sold though because even with being declared the performance of the night and performing last, she still only placed 5th in the votes)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “You Can’t Do That” (She needs to find her fierce side if she’s going to compete with Candice and she’s got the voice to make anything sound good, so go for it, girl)

6. Burnell Taylor (No change. He gave, what I thought, wasn’t a great a performance and was still safe. Maybe if he improves next week, he’ll place higher. But for now, he stays pretty stable)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “In My Life” (It’s a ballad, sure, but with his tone injected into it, it could be really interesting)

5. Janelle Arthur  (No change. Performs second, underwhelming and still places 5th in the votes? Yeah, I’ll stand by my prediction that she’s still in the running. After all, Carrie’s run was fairly mediocre, but the country vote carried her home. Still, Carrie was #1 every single week…)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “Come Together” (It’s been done a few times on the show, but never buy a country girl. Here’s her chance to give it that spin)

4. Lazaro Arbos (No change. It takes a big fan base to bomb as hard as he did on Wednesday and still place 4th. I don’t think this kid is going anywhere for a while, regardless of how well or poorly he does)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “Imagine” (Inspirational without sucking the life out of the room. And again, he doesn’t have to sing the ‘bejeebus’ out of it)

3. Kree Harrison (No change. She’s shown she’s versatile, knows how to pick songs, but can still command the country vote. Give me a few more weeks of her being in the Top 3 and maybe this will change, but for now, she’s still here)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “Blackbird” (Beautiful, tender song and I think her voice has just the hitch for it)

2. Candice Glover (No change. I was tempted to put this girl first, but I still think that her high praise could work against her, as it has in the past for other contestants. That being said, there’s no doubt she’s talented and ain’t going anywhere for a while if she keeps singing like she did this week)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “Eleanor Rigby” (Hasn’t been done by a girl and could be done in a really dramatic fashion)

1. Angie Miller (No change. I still think the judges are playing the underdog card with this girl. She’s charismatic, sings beautifully and even though she wasn’t in Jimmy’s Top 3, she was in the voter’s and mine and I think that’s far more telling. Still, she has to make sure not to say things like “I can sing this as well as Kelly Clarkson”. Nothing good can come of that kind of commentary)

  • Possible song choice for next week: “Let It Be” (Piano, could be an emotional moment – no brainer)

That’s it for now! See you after next Wednesday’s show, where the contestant’s take on the Lennon-McCartney songbook!


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