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Aziz Ansari Researches the Mix of Technology and Dating in His Book ‘Modern Romance’

Aziz Ansari is having an incredible year. 2015 has seen the release of Netflix special Aziz Ansari Live At Madison Square Garden, the series finale of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and the publishing of his book Modern Romance. Co-written by NYU Sociologist Eric Klinenberg, the book delves into the complicated relationship between dating culture and […]

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One Big Happy Family

Book Review: Lisa Rogak’s “One Big Happy Family”

Sometimes, the most incredible family bonds are not the ones we were born into, but the ones we find for ourselves. In “One Big Happy Family“, Lisa Rogak shares heartwarming stories of interspecies parenting and guardianship among animals you wouldn’t expect to see living together, much less supporting and caring for one another. In these […]

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Book Review: It All Comes Down To Which Side You Choose in ‘Allegiant’

There are days when I wish I had my mother’s quality of incredible restraint when it comes to books. Her restraint is not in buying books (what voracious reader has restraint when it comes to the act of buying books? None, I tell you.) Instead she has this amazing willpower for books in a series. […]

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The Spectacular, “Spectacular Now”

On shelves dominated by paranormal romances, dystopian adventures, aliens, werewolves, and superpowers, The Spectacular Now is one Young Adult novel stripped down to the reality of a teen boy growing up in a familiar world. Without the help of flashy, overplayed teen fiction tropes, Tim Tharp delivers a real character in Sutter Keely — the […]

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The Canadian Foodie Takes Asia: Part Two

Time for the second (and last) installation of The Canadian Foodie Takes Asia! I’m as disappointed as you are that our culinary exploration of Asia was so short-lived, but unfortunately there is only so much you can eat in three short weeks of vacation. Now, let me preface my reviews by saying that both Hong […]

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The Canadian Foodie: The Waffle Edition

The Canadian Foodie is back, and this time, she brought waffles.

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Adobo Grill: A Mexican Fiesta in the Heart of Indy

This past summer my travels found me visiting the ever congenial and lush city of Indianapolis. While on my trip, not only was I taking in the many sights and sounds by walking around the city or visiting museums, but I was indulging in fine dining in and around Circle City. One such restaurant that […]

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Broadway Baby Visits London’s West End

During the months of July and August I was fortunate enough to travel to London for the 2012 Olympic Games. As if attending several Olympic events wasn’t enough, I was able to see two shows in London’s famed West End district. For a Broadway junkie like me, this was the icing on my European-adventure cake.

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The Canadian Foodie: Adventures in Ramen-Eating

Ah, ramen. “Wheat noodles” in Japanese, and absolutely delicious in every language. A dish so heavenly that there have literally been songs written about it. Or at the very least, animated cat videos.

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Book Review: Why You Should Axe The “Fifty” and Read Shades of Grey Instead

There’s a book that I read last summer that I will recommend with reckless abandon to anyone I know, even if I’m well aware that it is completely unlike the other books on their shelves (or in their e-readers, for that matter). This book is in the unfortunate position of partially sharing its title with […]

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