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Why Everyone’s Crushing on Mindy Kaling (And You Should Too)

If you’ve paid even the tiniest bit of attention to pop culture in the past decade, then you probably know who Mindy Kaling is. You might know her as chatty, self-centered customer service rep Kelly Kapoor from The Office (although you may not know that she also worked behind-the-scenes as a writer and later executive […]

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From A to Z: The New Generation of Romantic Comedies

We are in the new golden age of romantic comedies. No, I’m not talking about that new Nicholas Sparks movie where James Marsden romances Tom Cruise’s wife from Mission Impossible. I’m talking about romantic comedies that have finally found their rightful home—not on the silver screen, but on the small screen instead.

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OUAT’s Christie Laing Dishes About the New Season – and More!

The Wicked Witch of the West is gone for good. Snow White and Prince Charming welcomed Baby Charming (also known as Neal) into the world. Their other child, Emma, went back in time with Captain Hook, and brought back Robin Hood’s formerly dead wife Maid Marian with her to Storybrooke.

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Big in Japan

When I think back on the summer trips I’ve taken to Japan, it’s hard to choose a favorite moment.

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Chatting with Maid Marian: Christie Laing on the OUAT Finale’s Big Twist

After Snow White and company spent the better half of the third season trying to defeat Zelena (better known as The Wicked Witch of the West), you’d think the witch’s death would mean happily ever after for our fairy tale heroes. Alas, that is not how things work on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Sunday’s 2-hour finale found Emma and Hook sent back to the past via Zelena’s time portal, witnessing our favourite fairy tales unravel all over again — and trying their best not to change the future.

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This is Us: A New Fan Watches 1D3D

First things first: I am a Directioner. Or am I a Directionator? Maybe I have One Direction infection?

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The Canadian Foodie Takes Asia: Part Two

Time for the second (and last) installation of The Canadian Foodie Takes Asia! I’m as disappointed as you are that our culinary exploration of Asia was so short-lived, but unfortunately there is only so much you can eat in three short weeks of vacation. Now, let me preface my reviews by saying that both Hong […]

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The Canadian Foodie Takes Asia: Part One

Aaaand The Canadian Foodie is back! In the past month I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the most amazing (and delicious) cities in Asia, so pack your bags and study your phrasebooks, because I’m about to take you dining in Japan! Cafe Est! Est! – I’ll start off with the cafe whose window display you’ve […]

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The Canadian Foodie: The Waffle Edition

The Canadian Foodie is back, and this time, she brought waffles.

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How to Study: A Guide to Acing Your Exams

Exam season is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you are definitely not looking forward to cracking open those textbooks and burning the midnight oil. But before you start downing Red Bull and cramming months of material into one night, you might want to consider following some of these tips:

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Fall Premiere Roundup: Which New Shows Are Worth Watching?

It’s officially fall, and you know what that means! The leaves are falling off the trees, peacoats and umbrellas are making their first appearances, and most important of all, the new series premieres are all ripe and ready for the picking!

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The Canadian Foodie: Keep Calm and Cupcake On


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The Canadian Foodie: Adventures in Ramen-Eating

Ah, ramen. “Wheat noodles” in Japanese, and absolutely delicious in every language. A dish so heavenly that there have literally been songs written about it. Or at the very least, animated cat videos.

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