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Finding Love For The Game

I didn’t start life as a baseball fan. My grandfather loves baseball. I love my grandfather but I did not love baseball. Whenever he stopped by, he’d ask what sports I tried out for at school, hoping that baseball made the short list. I disappointed him each time, but he persisted. A baseball glove landed […]

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The 3 MLB Wives You Should Be Following on Twitter

“Behind every married baseball player is a woman who didn’t know what she was getting herself into.” The headline of Dallas Latos‘ blog provokes questions about what it means to be bound together for life with a traveling pro athlete and opens the page for a never-ending story to be told. The term “baseball wife” […]

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The Hearts of Giants: Reflections of a Championship Baseball Team

How do you explain coming back from series deficits twice? How do you explain winning your do-or-die game through a manufactured run and an error? How do you explain getting pummeled by a guy almost twice your size at second base, only to see the next five games through to become a championship MVP? How […]

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Pitcher Perfect: Three Months of Magic on the Mound

In baseball, the number of runs is what determines the winners and the losers—at least according to the scoreboard. All the hits and trips to home plate are the results of power and strategy by the men in the batter’s box and the ones rounding the bases. However, it’s the men on the mound on […]

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