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Winter Openings 2017

Happy New Year, readers! We hope you are having a stellar start to January! As we look ahead to the new year and our fifth year going forward as a team, we are opening our doors to those looking to enhance their writing portfolios. If you are a dedicated, passionate writer, send your application to […]

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The Kosta Doin’ Comedy: Breaking Down ‘The Comment Section’ with Michael Kosta

Feeling like the closest thing to hell the Internet has ever seen, the comments section is truly an increasing cesspool of new-age stupidity and poorly spelled monologues, unleashing mindlessness and vitriol. But it’s more of a goldmine for E!’s newest star, the hilarious and affable Michael Kosta of “The Comment Section.”

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Braving ‘The Comment Section’ with Michael Kosta

With the rise of social media in recent years, a new species of users has crawled out from the shadowy depths of the Internet, turning the web into the “wild west” of sorts for aggressive and insolent verbal slinging. While perusing the comment section of any article on a news site, the unremitting stream of […]

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Aziz Ansari Researches the Mix of Technology and Dating in His Book ‘Modern Romance’

Aziz Ansari is having an incredible year. 2015 has seen the release of Netflix special Aziz Ansari Live At Madison Square Garden, the series finale of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and the publishing of his book Modern Romance. Co-written by NYU Sociologist Eric Klinenberg, the book delves into the complicated relationship between dating culture and […]

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Ten Thousand Coffees: Building Professional Relations, One Cup at a Time

Relationships are the core of a burgeoning and valuable life and just as we societally have basic needs to fulfill, we also have that one rudimentary need to feel belonging through valuable and advantageous relationships. In this rapid age of technology, we have all had the opportunity to connect with others through social media and advance our […]

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At the Beep: Chatting with Beep’s Pieter Parker and Nick Barth

In September, actor Will Smith sent his fans a thank you message, but he didn’t use Twitter or Facebook to do it. Instead of showing his gratitude in text for all the birthday wishes he had received, Smith opted for something more personal. He sent is fans and the whole world a message with his […]

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Winter Openings

Happy New Year, readers! Are you looking to enhance your writing portfolio this year? The Hudsucker is looking for new writers to join our team! If you are a dedicated, passionate writer, send your application to us. We are looking for friendly individuals who can be team players, are sociable and enthusiastic personalities with a sense of humor […]

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Why Everyone’s Crushing on Mindy Kaling (And You Should Too)

If you’ve paid even the tiniest bit of attention to pop culture in the past decade, then you probably know who Mindy Kaling is. You might know her as chatty, self-centered customer service rep Kelly Kapoor from The Office (although you may not know that she also worked behind-the-scenes as a writer and later executive […]

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Chris Cuomo: Man of Conscience and Integrity

In an exclusive with The Hudsucker, our writer Tania Hussain talks to news anchor and television journalist Chris Cuomo about journalism, social media, his CNN morning show “New Day” and much more.

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The 10 Books That Stuck with Me

So many challenges have taken place on social media within the past few months, whether it’s the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the chain letter challenge, etc.  Sometimes, they can be annoying, but lately, there has been a Facebook meme going around asking people to name the top 10 books that have stuck with them. I […]

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Inspiration by Hashtag: Fitspo

Fitspo (#fitspo) is one of those hashtag trends that is all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr and Pinterest. Fitspo is short for “fitspiration”, a portmanteau of fitness inspiration. It’s a popular buzzword used to tag images and messages that have the intention of motivating people towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Not Quite Revolutionary: The Pippit App

A couple of weeks ago the creative forces behind two popular lifestyle blogs launched what they said was meant to be a “beautiful mobile community that bridges blogging with social media,” the new app called Pippit.

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Calling All Writers!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again! The Hudsucker is looking for new writers to join our team! If you are a dedicated, passionate writer, feel free to send your application! We are looking for friendly individuals who can be team players, are enthusiastic personalities with a sense of humor and are pop […]

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