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iZombie’s Newest Femme Fatale: Leanne Lapp

With most shows, stories and characters are planned out months in advance. Creators, writers, and producers know exactly where the show is going, which characters will play important roles in future episodes, and how the whole thing will play out. But every so often, an actor’s performance in a small role will be so inspiring […]

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“Juan of the Dead”: Mojitos and Zombies

Juan of the Dead is a Cuban zombie movie that combines blood spatter with Caribbean flavor and political undertones. There’s a bunch of stuff that I never thought I’d write together in a sentence. While politics and comedy in zombie movies are nothing new (Juan of the Dead‘s title borrows from British comedy Shaun of […]

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Monsters Charm and Check Into “Hotel Transylvania”

Hotel Transylvania is the latest in the trend of monster-themed movies to be released this year. But it’s not your typical monster film. Yes, there are monsters galore throughout the film, but the real monsters are humans – or at least, that’s what Adam Sandler’s Dracula believes.

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