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Adventures in Cleansing

Writing is often about communicating experiences, feelings, and emotions to other people. As an exercise in both writing and life, I recently chose to participate in what is now a fairly common health practice. The practice that I am referring to is known as a juice cleanse. This cleanse consists of 3 days in which the individual drinks nothing but fruit and vegetable juice to cleanse the digestive system and boost the immune system.

Image Credit: Natural Born Juicers

Image Credit: Natural Born Juicers

I am fortunate enough to live close to a local juicer, known as Natural Born Juicers, who prepares the entire cleanse ahead of time for the participant. One places an order ahead of time, and can then pick up 18 pre-made juices (6 per day for 3 days). Bottles are numbered to follow in order throughout the entire process, making it easy to keep a consistent flow of nutrients into the body.

The segments that follow will chronicle my daily observations throughout this process, as they pertain to both my physical and mental states.

Day 1

I awoke early to pick up the materials I would need for the following 3 days. Mid-morning, I have consumed 2 juices and am already hungry. Work keeps me partially occupied, but I cannot deny the growling of my empty belly that is typically full of coffee at this point. Lunch-time means a meeting out at a nice restaurant. Under the weight of social conformity, I buckle and go for a very light lunch of soup, still receiving awkward glances from my companions who dine on large sandwiches.

Mid-afternoon and it’s off to lacrosse practice. Hunger continues, but coaching responsibilities give me something to think about and pass the evening quickly. Up to this point, all 5 juices that I have consumed have been delicious and refreshing. Concoction number 6 is the last of the day, and quite different from the others. This “shake” is difficult to swallow, with a strong coconut flavor. My body needs the nutrients, so I force it down the best I can. 1 day in, and I go to bed hungry and with a displeasing taste in my mouth. What will the next 48 hours have in store for me?

Day 2

This morning I awake with a pulsing headache. Despite the cold temperature, I had sweated in my sleep and now have to urinate like I never have before. It is quite obvious that I have now not consumed solid food for 24 hours. My body is tired, and it is difficult to mentally start the day. Suddenly showering and dressing are much more cumbersome tasks than they normally are. I down my first juice of the day with a large glass of water and some vitamins, and then set out on day 2 of the cleanse.

The day moves in slow motion, with only the thought of my next “meal” keeping me motivated to move forward. The air outside is bitter cold, only adding to the difficulty of getting place to place. My body seems dazed, as if in a dream. It’s more like a nightmare in which my body craves the bread and fried food that normally encompass it’s diet. Images of Morgan Spurlock suffering through his 30-day McDonald’s diet flash through my head, and I realize the cleanse is working. This is not a simple diet-fad. This is cleaning out the digestive system from all of the toxins that my body seems to be addicted to having on an almost daily basis.

I hazily make it through the day, but must finish by coaching a high school lacrosse game in seemingly sub-zero temperatures. I fear the challenge that faces me, but somehow gain passion and motivation from the efforts of my players. I get through the evening being physically exhausted but mentally energized, falling asleep on the instant upon arriving home. Day 2 complete.

Day 3

Another day, another headache to wake up to. My body is drained of energy, and it is difficult to get moving in the morning. However, a busy schedule quickly revives me, and I am off to seize the day. I get throughout the morning much easier than the previous 2 days, and I quickly realize how pure and refreshed I feel. Although I know I have lost no weight, I feel as light as a feather moving around throughout the day quite capably. The cleanse is clearly working on me 2/3’s of the way through.

The day runs quite smooth, with me feeling in pristine health. The daily routine of juice intakes has settled in, and I actually find myself to be more productive without lunch breaks. Hunger has ceased to be a nuisance. The benefits of this health practice have fully set in, and I feel great. The difficult first 48 hours have become totally worth it for the pure ecstasy of a healthy body that I now feel. Tomorrow morning, I will awake for breakfast for the first time in 3 days. While this will be an odd impression, I know that I am better off moving forward having challenged myself to purge excess toxins that build up over time.

The juice cleanse has been a fascinating experience for me. To feel the body’s reactions to the removal of junk food and the replacement of healthy supplements is amazing. While I do not highly anticipate to partake in such a cleanse often in the near future, the experience has been worth it and I have come out better on the other side. It has certainly been a great adventure to try something new, and to chronicle the experience along the way.


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