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Reasons Why You Should Be Following “The Following”

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As many TV watchers and film critics have proclaimed, a new show on FOX has made quite an impression. The Following, starring well known and talented movie actor Kevin Bacon, has been quite a hit for a variety of reasons.

The premises of the show follows former FBI Agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) in his attempts to recapture serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy)- a serial killer whom Hardy ended his career with and captured years ago before the show begins. Carroll, a former college professor who taught the works of Poe, killed young women in the gothic hero’s honor and style-until he was caught by Hardy. The show follows the result of the social network of “copycat” killers who soon build a sort of cult of followers, helping Carroll escape from Prison and then creting a very scary possibility- a cult of serial killers all united under one leader.

Throughout the first season of The Following, the show follows the attempts (and close calls) in which Hardy comes close to catching Carroll, as well as the string of murders and chaos that comes forth from the group of “followers” and cult that the charismatic Carroll has created- all who are completely obsessed with character and have no problem sacrificing their life for any cause Carroll suggests.

Reasons to Follow The Following

  1. Kevin Bacon: That’s a reason in itself, right ladies? Not only is Bacon easy on the eyes, but he is also an extremely talented actor, most well known for hit movies such as Footloose. The prolific movie actor makes his TV debut in this show, and for good reason too. Sources say that Bacon was actually searching for a television show to debut in for over four years, and finally decided on The Following because of its intense plot and captivating writing that the directors have planned for the show. Creator Kevin Williamson originally pitched The Following to Fox because it was, home of his all-time favorite show, and wanted a character that could resemble Jack Bauer. Bauer is a character whom we all feel sorry for by the burden he carries on his shoulders- other’s safety and well being- similar to the way the character Bacon plays constantly feels, blaming himself for not saving lives that were (basically) impossible to save, and being tormented by a murderer through mind games.
  2. Blood, Guts, and Gore: It’s no secret that this show is anything but G rated. This is due to the gory actions scenes that are both controversial but also captivating. As an anti-gory movie watcher myself, I was a little hesitant to watch, but quickly found out that though the acts that are committed are sometimes tough to watch, nothing is extremely focused upon or shown for more than a second or two- thus making it (in my own opinion) not distasteful like low-budget horror movies but instead a fast-paced thriller that doesn’t “edit” down in fear of scaring its audience away.
  3. The Twisted Love Triangle: While it always gets messy when their is more than two people interested in a relationship, the show takes on a whole new meaning of “messy” when the audience discovers that not only is Carroll sick in the mind, obsessed with killing and living through death, but that he also is in the illusion that he can reunite his family again (wife, Claire Matthews and 6 year old son, Joey Matthews) by kidnapping them and forcing them to live with him. Hardy, the former FBI agent who is pulled back in by the bureau to catch Carroll once he escapes from prison again, also is in love with Claire. The two had a love affair once Hardy caught Carroll seven years prior to the start of the show, and ended up having serious feelings for each other but breaking up. This triangle brings a whole new level of intenseness to the show and makes it all that more exciting to watch.
  4. Reintroducing, Edgar Allen Poe: As a book nerd myself, it’s both exciting and satisfying to see such a famous and well known author/poet become a main topic to be focused upon in a modern day TV show. The main character’s craziness is based off his lust and longing to fulfill “Poe’s Prophecy”, which in other words means living through death. Carroll takes Poe’s fictional horror stories to live, killing in gruesome ways just like the deaths of characters in Poe’s works, which though scary never were meant to be real. Poe himself had a troubled childhood, losing both parents at a very young age. By using this pain for inspiration, Poe made Gothic Literature existent and popular. Gothic fiction includes the use of combining horror with romance, and often includes elements such as:
  • medieval architecture (an old abandoned castle with secret passages, trap doors, secret rooms, hidden staircases)
  • an atmosphere of mystery and suspense (a constant threatening feeling, a plot built around mystery, a fear enhanced by the unknown)
  • some type of “prophecy” (usually connected with the castle or the inhabitants)
  • omens, ghosts, visions, dreams, and premonitions
  • women in distress (female characters fainting, crying, or being terrified)
  • the constant presence of gloom and horror.

The season finale of The Following, sure to be packed with more twists and turns than you can imagine, will take place on Monday, April 29th at 9/8 central on FOX. Be sure to check it out, and keep a light on- just in case.

To watch full length episodes and exclusive clips, visit The Following on FOX.



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