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6 of the Best TV Shows You Need to Binge-Watch Before Their Fall TV Premieres

Summer is officially here and while the great, sunny outdoors might be on the top of your list this season, now is also the perfect time to catch up on some of the best television series you might have failed to discover early on. Let’s be honest, between juggling work and our social lives, TV […]

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Tyler Perry’s New Leading Lady: Danielle Savre of TLC’s ‘Too Close To Home’

This year marks an election year in the United States, and the political scandals we know all too well are making their way onto the small screen. TLC brings Tyler Perry’s Too Close To Home to life, combining love, sex, and the political landscape for an emotional new series. We chatted with the series’ lead, Danielle […]

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14 Romantic (and Guy Friendly) Films for Valentine’s Day

If you’re staying in tonight with your loved one or are on your own and ordering in from your favorite pizza joint while hibernating from the dreaded winter weather, here are fourteen (because of the blessed occasion) films that will please both sexes on Valentine’s Day!

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Switched at Birth: Redemption

As much constructive criticism as I may have given Switched at  Birth in the episode before the finale, I must say that the finale made up for all that and more. This wrap-up of Season 2 was both dramatic, alluring, sentimental and still left you with cliff hangers for Season 3. It was remarkably beautiful.

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Switched at Birth: Patience Tested

On this week’s all new episode of Switched at Birth, everyone’s patience was tested. The rising tension exploded into many arguments, tears and a trip to the ER.

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Switched at Birth: Secrets Revealed

This week’s episode of Switched at Birth was full of exploding secrets. The last time such big secrets came to light was when Regina revealed her knowledge of the the switch. While these secrets were not that dramatic, they were none the less life altering.

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Switched at Birth: Things Are Heating Up

On this week’s all new episode of Switched at Birth, tension is mounting and choices are revealed. Most of the characters are continuing in their new life, but a few refuse to adjust. It gives way for a particular heated moment between father and daughter.

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Switched at Birth: What If?

Tonight’s episode of Switched at Birth was the most dramatic one yet. There was an interesting game played on the show tonight, a game of “What If”. What if Regina had told the hospital about the switch instead of keep it to herself for 13 years? The answers to that question were revealed tonight. Answers  that surprised […]

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Switched At Birth: Mounting Tension Comes Spilling Over

It seems that not all is right on Switched at Birth. No, it does not seem to be the fact that you had two teenage girls that were ‘switched at birth’ when they were only nine hours old. No, it does not seem to be  that there are too many people living under the same […]

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Mad Women of Mad Men

Set in 1968, with the rising political, racial, and social tensions of the counterculture well under way, Season 6 of Mad Men mirrored the growing unrest in America with its focus on the epic failures of the men of the show, ending with Don Draper having a meltdown that costs him his partnership (temporarily… for […]

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Switched at Birth: A New Reality Sets In

In this third episode of the summer season of Switched at Birth, we see reality set in for both the Kennish and Vasquez families. The past two weeks’ episodes have portrayed an almost idyllic life of what “should have been” had the switched not happened. However, this week reality has reared it’s ugly head.

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Switched at Birth: Connection Points with The Biological Families

There is an interesting development occurring on this season of Switched at Birth. This is a development I hinted about last week on my recap of the season premiere…a switching of sides on the show. Not to rehash what I discussed last week, but this switching sides seems to be deeper than I initially thought. There seems […]

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Switching Sides on “Switched at Birth” Summer Premiere

The long awaited Switched at Birth Season 2 premiere aired tonight on ABC family. The last time we saw the Kennish and Vasquez families, drama had erupted. Regina left for rehab and Angelo’s baby momma left with his daughter. Bay and her “three and half” week boyfriend, Noah, had broken up when he kissed Daphne […]

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