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The Hudsucker is an online magazine made up of unique and dedicated writers with fresh voices from across the country and overseas. Our team of writers are passionate and driven, bringing forth their personalities in each article. Since its inception in 2012, The Hudsucker has continuously proven how writing is our strongest fingerprint. By creating a smart and ambitious environment for readers, the digital magazine focusing on popular culture aims to be relatable through experiences and passions.

Meet Our Featured Writers Behind The Hudsucker This Week!

Who are the faces behind The Hudsucker? With our one-year anniversary coming up on June 16th, all through this month, we’ve been featuring one of our writers each day on our social networks.

In our second week of celebration, get to know Janna, Cathie, Nicole, Tatum, Robert, Stephen, and Andrea in our little questionnaire! Stay tuned all next week on Facebook and Twitter to learn about the founders of The Hudsucker!

THS - Janna JeffreyJanna Jeffrey

Meet staff writer, Janna Jeffrey! Janna loves cheddar cheese, hockey and looks up to her mother. What are this Torontonian’s craziest goals and dreams? Read on to find out! Follow Janna on Twitter: @kissoffools.

THS - Stephanie 200px

Cathie Dillard

Meet staff writer, Cathie Dillard. Cathie loves authentic sourdough bread and her least favorite word in the English language is “bully”. What was her most life-changing moment? Follow Cathie on Twitter: @beginyourstory.

Karen Datangel 02

Nicole Drum

Meet staff writer, Nicole Drum! The very well spoken Midwest native can’t live without her flip-flops and loves the St. Louis Cardinals. If she was stuck on a deserted island, who would she take with her? Follow Nicole on Twitter: @lifeinpolaroid.

THS - Desi 200px

Tatum Hawkins

Meet contributor, Tatum Hawkins! This Californian is a junk food junkie and would like the power to fly if she was a superhero. What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to her? It involves a 911 call.? Follow Tatum on Twitter: @tatumhawkins.

Robert Cartagena (Past Writer)

Meet contributor, Robert Cartagena! The San Francisco native loves the word “awesome” and dislikes the word “failure”. What is this Avengers fan’s biggest pet peeve? Read on to find out! Follow Robert on Twitter: @robbie1kenobi.

Stephen King

Meet contributor, Stephen King of Retro Quarter! The Scotsman loves retro video games and The Deftones. What is his biggest strength? It’s also his biggest weakness. Follow Stephen on Twitter: @StephenKing85.

Andrea Lozano

Meet contributor, Andrea Lozano! This funny and friendly Bolivian is a cinephile who loves Seinfeld, and absolutely adores pizza so much that it’s even her nickname. So what movie title best describes her life? You’ll have to read on to find out! Follow Andrea on Twitter: @pizzzaa.

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