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Celebrating Father’s Day: A Look at Iconic TV Dads

Father’s Day is a day we get to celebrate how much we love the fathers and father figures in our lives. Dads are awesome, and we love them for it. They may be embarrassing sometimes, but dads are our superheroes and our friends and they do so much for us on a daily basis.

In honor of all of the wonderful dads out there, let’s take a look at some of TV’s most iconic dads and why we love them:

Image Credit: TV  Land

Image Credit: TV Land

Andy Taylor- We know him as the widowed sheriff on The Andy Griffith Show.

Andy is a widowed father to young Opie and is very kind, caring, and generally good natured. Andy has a close relationship with Opie and he tries to instill morals and good values into his son. While the show takes place in a much simpler time than today, we can see how their relationship is timeless.

Why We Love Him: While he was the sheriff and was used to being an authority figure, he still took the time to be kind and thoughtful with Opie. Once, Andy discussed Opie’s allowance with him. Opie wanted a raise, but to not have to do any extra work to get that raise. Andy gently explained why that wasn’t going to happen, and gave him a big life lesson in the process. Working will tire you out and sometimes make you sad, but shoot for the good feeling you get after a hard day’s work, and it will all be worth it.

Cliff Huxtable- We know him as the father to five children on The Cosby Show.

Image Credit: TV Land

Image Credit: TV Land

Dr. Cliff Huxtable wrangled his five children throughout the show’s eight-season run with the help of his wife Clair. Cliff is portrayed as good humored and a caring father. His sense of humor is pretty silly, and he has good relationships with each of the kids.

Why We Love Him: Cliff is shown as an all-around great person. He’s a successful and well-respected doctor who still keeps his children as his top priority. We like that he keeps a playful sense of humor in raising his children despite the typical growing up issues they each face during the course of the show, such as Denise wanting to buy a junker of a car from a used car lot. Cliff essentially turned recounting the situation to Clair into a stand up comedy act, and we love that his humor can can make disappointing situations better.

Image Credit: ABC

Image Credit: ABC

Danny Tanner- We know him as the single father to three girls on Full House.

Throughout the course of Full House‘s eight-season run, Danny had to deal with a lot as a single father. His girls were always a handful, and after the devastating loss of his wife, he often seemed to feel overwhelmed. Danny navigated the rocky waters quite well, though, and through uncomfortable situations like dating, body image issues, school trouble, and friendship drama, Danny learned how to be a great father to his daughters.

Why We Love Him: Danny’s relationship with his daughters evolved throughout the course of the show and we love how their relationships grew emotionally. Even if raising three girls was difficult, he didn’t let it stop him from being an awesome, though sometimes embarrassing, dad. (Major props to Uncle Jesse and Joey, who also served as incredible father figures to DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle.)

Tim Taylor- We know him as the father to three boys and host of a tool-centered TV show on Home Improvement.

Image Credit: ABC

Image Credit: ABC

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor is a stereotypical American male. He likes tools, cars, and beer. He’s also a TV personality and a loving husband and father. Throughout the show, Tim is portrayed as a man who acts before he thinks, especially when it comes to building or repairing something, often displayed through fires and general chaos on his television show.

Why We Love Him: We love that Tim isn’t perfect. He usually doesn’t know the right thing to say or do, but we still know how much he loves his wife and kids even though sometimes he messes up. He’s human. It’s obvious he cares and can provide for his family, and that’s incredibly respectable.

Image Credit: CBS

Image Credit: CBS

Ted Mosby- We know him as the long winded story teller on How I Met Your Mother.

Odd choice, yes, because we only know Ted Mosby as a father through his future narration to his son and daughter. However, what we do know about Ted as a father is that he is extremely open with his children. Some may even say too open in terms of discussing the long string of women he dated before The Mother.

Why We Love Him: Ted is honest with his children about his mistakes, both in his dating life and in everyday life. We love that for the most part he doesn’t hesitate to let his children in on the crazy things from his past or shy away from the tough subjects. The little pieces of his life before meeting The Mother that he shares serve as many lessons to his kids about life, love, and happiness. We love how willing he is to treat his life as an open book.

Happy Father’s Day!

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