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Switched at Birth: Connection Points with The Biological Families

There is an interesting development occurring on this season of Switched at Birth. This is a development I hinted about last week on my recap of the season premiere…a switching of sides on the show. Not to rehash what I discussed last week, but this switching sides seems to be deeper than I initially thought. There seems to be an entire dynamic change within the Kennish and Vasquez families. Perhaps a natural change that should have happened all along?

The switch that began the show Switched at Birth was the result of human error. As the story goes, one tired nurse put the babies in their wrong cribs and thus changed two families lives forever.

The first season of Switched at Birth revolved around the Kennish and Vasquez families getting to know one another. They seemed to almost tiptoe around as they established relationships with their biological families. It was like walking on thin ice for these families because there was so much unknown. Many challenges had to be overcome, these same challenges were those that drove the plot of the first season. Different backgrounds, different classes, ethnicity and morals all were just a few of the issues that presented themselves.

Most of these obstacles were faced and addressed during season one and we as viewers wondered where the show would pick up during season two.

It seems the show is picking up with the biological families falling in sync.

Biological family verses biological family. (Photo credit: ABC Family)

Biological family verses biological family. (Photo credit: ABC Family)

Bay, Regina, and Angelo all have moved in together while Daphne continues to live with the Kennishes. At the closing scene of this episode, Angelo, Regina and Bay are seen dancing/laughing together as one cohesive family unit. They seem content in each others’ company, almost happy. As if this is all simply natural for them. No tension is present like that which occurs with Regina and the Kennishes when she lived in their guest house. The same seems to have happened with Daphne as she falls in place with the upper class lifestyle of the Kennish family.

Is this the angle the writers/producers are heading towards with this summer season? It seems as if they are trying to portray that destiny’s hand is causing all the characters to fall in line with those whom they were originally suppose to be with. Daphne with the Kennishes and Bay with Regina and Angelo.

Regina even makes the comment that she wishes she had snatched Bay up all those years ago when she first learned about the switch.

Are the two families going to grow distant from those a mistake chose for them to live with, and bond with whom destiny intended for them to be with all along?

Only time will tell.

One positive note I want to applaud this season on, is the realistic approach the show is doing towards PTSD many soldiers face when they return from overseas. Bay’s old love interest, Ty, has returned from Afghanistan and is suffering from PTSD. The show depicts that harsh reality these soldiers face as they readjust to normal life. It is quite a moving experience to watch Ty as he figures out life outside the war zone, again.

Much is to come on this season of Switched at Birth. A family drama I think is truly ground-breaking and wholesome.

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