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Switched at Birth: A New Reality Sets In

In this third episode of the summer season of Switched at Birth, we see reality set in for both the Kennish and Vasquez families. The past two weeks’ episodes have portrayed an almost idyllic life of what “should have been” had the switched not happened. However, this week reality has reared it’s ugly head.

Well perhaps ugly head isn’t a correct way to describe the scenes of this week’s episode, but it definitely seemed to be a different atmosphere. At least this was the case with Angelo, Regina, and Bay.

Bay has enjoyed living with her two biological parents where breakfast is cold pizza and she’s allowed to drink coffee. It’s small acts of freedom, but it gives Bay a chance to breathe a little and truly be herself during her summer break. Bay is satisfied with her job at the amusement park, Maui, and finally seems to building a relationship with Regina. This laid back lifestyle is not what Angelo is accustomed too though.

Life changes in the Kennish and Vasquez households. (Image Credit: abcfamily.com)

Life changes in the Kennish and Vasquez households. (Image Credit: ABC Family)

He angrily gets fed up with the dirty dishes that are left over night in the sink and Regina’s shoes that had been left in the middle of the floor of the apartment. He also doesn’t understand Bay’s teenage attitude that Regina tells him to leave alone until the “drama or hormones passes.”

Angelo seems to have formed this ideal image in his mind of how their life as a family unit was supposed to be. He didn’t seem to account for the realities of life or  that no family unit is perfect. People argue, drama occurs and messes are made. Regina guides Angelo to face how life truly is, and how this was how their life would have been even if the switch had not occurred.

Angelo accepts this fact with a chuckle and smile, but the new reality is not embraced so easily by Daphne. Daphne is defiant and agitated that Regina isn’t living with her any more. She even is jealous of the budding mother/daughter relationship forming between Regina and Bay. She desperately tries to speed up her mother’s return to the Kennish home; even going to the old designer that Regina use to work for trying to get Regina’s old job back.

Daphne at the end of  the episode shares a sweet moment with her switcher, Bay as they apologize for past actions that led to their feud. Daphne also has a romantic flair emerge between her and the coffee bistro as they run around Kansas City playing g-e-o-c-h-a-s-i-n-g. (Spelled so elegantly by the bistro as he tries to impress Daphne by his quick pick up of sign language.)

The ongoing wedding of Toby seems to be a rough topic in the Kennish household. It is causing tension and it seems no one wants it to happen. Will it occur? Only future episodes will tell. Everyone seems very weary of this future event though…I think it spells trouble.

The drama is escalating quickly on this season of Switched at Birth. While changes are occurring within the dynamics of the family, there is still one element that stands strong between everyone: love. These two families have blended into one new kind of family that all support, love and drive each other crazy. All elements of a normal and typical family.

The only difference is that these two families had their daughters switched at birth. Not that different, right?

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