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Switched at Birth: What If?

Tonight’s episode of Switched at Birth was the most dramatic one yet. There was an interesting game played on the show tonight, a game of “What If”. What if Regina had told the hospital about the switch instead of keep it to herself for 13 years? The answers to that question were revealed tonight. Answers  that surprised everyone.

The opening scene depicts the fateful day that a phone call changed two families’ lives forever. However, this phone call occurred when Daphne and Bay were 3, not when they were 16.

The following results of this discovery were not exactly what the viewers imagined happening. However, they were spot on with what Regina had predicted would occur when she explained in Season 1 why she had kept  the switch a secret. A dramatic custody battle ensued and the Kennishes were awarded full custody of both Daphne and Bay. They then kept Regina at a distance from both girls, even filing a restraining order against Regina that forbid her from directly contacting the girls.


The VERY different Daphne and Bay. (Source: ABC Family)

This new Kennish family was not a happy-go-lucky type of family that John might have envisioned. Instead, they were a family full of secrets, lies and empty family members.

Daphne is a popular girl at Buckner who portrays herself as this confident and perfect young woman. Yet in reality, she is insecure and “empty” as Bay calls it. She makes up for what she sees is lacking in her life by buying expensive clothes and carrying an attitude that “no one and nothing can hurt me”. John and Kathryn were so caught up in their own lives that they miss these cries for help that Daphne was making; but Bay sees right through Daphne’s little act.

Bay has grown into a really smart young woman who still feels out of place in her family. It is similar to how Bay is in “reality”, but it is magnified since she is the only non-biological one in the Kennish household. She tries to prove herself to everyone by excelling in school. (Ironically a switch where Bay makes good grades and Daphne is average, which is the opposite of how they are in the real world). Bay is also very insecure in herself and is looking for ways to fulfill the void she fills in her own life.

John and Kathryn have an awful marriage. Kathryn feels out of touch with John who never listens to her, and even has an affair with his opponent, Koda. These two constantly argue in this alternative reality and are far from the loving couple you see in the reality of Switched at Birth.

The most heartbreaking part of this entire alternative reality, is Regina’s fate. She is stripped of the only daughter she has ever known and never gets the chance to get to know or even simply meet  her own biological daughter. Since she is an alcoholic, single parent with two DUIs on her record; the Kennishes completely shut her out. They do not allow her to see or contact the girls. They even hide from Daphne and Bay all these letters or presents from Regina that she had sent over the years. At the end of the episode when Bay discovers these letters and she and Daphne go searching for Regina, her ill fate is discovered.

Regina had died. 

Now the question of how she died is not answered. Was it an overdose or drunk driving incident? Or a grimmer question that arises , was it suicide? This seems like a possible answer since we do know that she died on the girls’ birthday one year.

This is a dark and messed up alternative reality. A more dramatic and crazy one than that which occurs in the day to day life of Switched at Birth; and we thought that was enough drama.

At the end, we realize this all was a dream that John had preceding his heart attack. In fact the end of his dream is what occurred in reality in the kitchen: his heart attack. Only the difference here in this alternative reality is that Regina was not around, or even alive, to come save him like she did. Therefore, he dies too. As a result John is extremely satisfied to see Regina when he awakens in the hospital.

Does this mean he will respect her more from now on?

This is a question that only later episodes will answer. However, this “What If” episode did teach a lesson that sometimes what we wish would have happened, wouldn’t have turned out any better than the reality we are unsatisfied with. It proves that sometimes life hands us the best cards. Even when we  may not see it right away or feel that way all  the time; life does happen the way it it suppose to. For one reason or another.

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