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Switched at Birth: Things Are Heating Up

On this week’s all new episode of Switched at Birth, tension is mounting and choices are revealed. Most of the characters are continuing in their new life, but a few refuse to adjust. It gives way for a particular heated moment between father and daughter.

On last week’s episode, one of the biggest cliff hangers was where Ty and Bay would be this week. After resolving some personal conflicts it seemed they were ready to make the decision to finally have sex. Bay had turned off her cellphone and Ty had attempted to be romantic with candles and music. While they did blow off cheesy music and blow out the candles in case of fire hazards, Bay found the sentiment sweet.

Well the question of what happened was answered with the two of them in Ty’s bed. They made the choice and during the rest of the episode, a new found romance emerged between the now two lovers. While it is an obvious after effect of what went on between the sheets, Ty displays a real sense of chivalry too.

Image Credit: ABC Family

Image Credit: ABC Family

Another major plot turner was Angelo’s ever continuing battle with trying to relocate his daughter. Lat season had ended with the baby’s mother bailing at the hospital and continuing with a plan to adopt the baby out. Angelo had refused to give up his paternal rights because he wanted a second chance with this daughter he felt he had never had with Daphne/Bay. This episode picked up where that story line left off, by Angelo’s private investigator finding his daughter.

Angelo travels to St. Louis to meet her and her adoptive parents. He ask Bay to join him, and is deeply hurt when she declines because of previous engaged plans. Ty shows this sense of chivalry and his deeper commitment to the relationship by driving Bay to meet up with Angelo in St Louis because he thinks it is important she meet her baby sister.

Angelo finds disappointment in St. Louis because his baby, named Abby, adoptive dads are not willing to give her up. Angelo is determined to fight for her. He and Bay have a nasty argument when she suggested maybe it is better to leave Abby alone because her new parents seem to really love her. Angelo doesn’t understand what he considers to be Bay’s betrayal and Bay reveals anger of being abandoned by Angelo herself.

Daphne finds a dilemma of her own with the Senator Koto when his intern reveals to her that she is pregnant with his love child.


Daphne tried to help this young girl, who later claims that the pregnancy was only a false alarm. Is this really true? Her face seemed to tell a different story.

Toby runs into long lost girlfriend Simone at the car wash, who has been working at a summer camp. It seems old feelings emerge when he is talking to her. She opens up to Toby though, revealing that she had joined AA. She blames her alcoholism on her poor choice to sleep with Emmett and profusely apologizes for what happened. Toby seems to accept this apology and shows Simone kindness. The only issue was Toby’s fiancee crashing there little dinner.

Where the drama will pick up next week is only for us to tell. Will Toby actually go through with the wedding? Will Angelo get his daughter back? Is the intern really not pregnant? Stay tuned to find out.

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One Comment on “Switched at Birth: Things Are Heating Up”

  1. Is Everyone an Idiot but Me? July 25, 2013 at 8:45 am #

    Is it just me, or is this kind of mature content for a “Family” channel? A love-child, a possible abortion, Bay seems addicted to sex now, high schoolers in AA, blackmail…sounds like a soap opera more than a wholesome family show.

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