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Switched at Birth: Secrets Revealed

This week’s episode of Switched at Birth was full of exploding secrets. The last time such big secrets came to light was when Regina revealed her knowledge of the the switch. While these secrets were not that dramatic, they were none the less life altering.

Bay has arranged a “Deaf Day” at Maui Resort since business was not up to par. Daphne and many of the student’s from Carlton were thrilled about this idea and attended. The Carlton students in attendance also included Bay’s ex-boyfriend, Emmett.

In fact Emmett and Bay were working together to project a deaf film during “Deaf Day”. They bid online to buy a screening of Deafenstein and embrace in an intimate hug when they win. It creates an awkward moment for Bay who seems to wear a face that says her and Emmett are not completely done.

Ty seems to fear the same because he gets angry at Bay when she and Emmett are watching their film “Dawn of the Deaf”. When Ty storms off angry, Bay is extremely exasperated. She follows him to the base where the first of many secrets of  the night comes to light.


Image Credit: ABC Family

Bay learns that Ty will soon be redeployed to Afghanistan. It’s a shocking truth that rocks Bay to the core. She becomes fearful of Ty leaving again but never coming back this time. Ty is fearful that Bay will get back with Emmett when he leaves again.

The other awful truth revealed is when Nikki goes to the jail to confront the man who killed her father. When the man comes to the window, she is unable to even look at him. Toby picks up the phone and talks to the criminal. The man tells Toby he is sorry for what happened, but says he only did it because Nikki’s father wouldn’t give him the drugs. Drugs? Yes, it is revealed that the father Nikki worships was a drug dealer. At least according to this criminal.

Toby believes his story and when he tells Nikki, she freaks out that he would believe such a lie. However, is it really a lie? Or is it the truth?

Daphne learns a shocking truth too when an old face returns to the show. Chef Jeff is back and engaged! It turns out he had recently put on a ring on his girlfriend of almost four years. Jeff later tells Daphne that they had been on a break during the summer when he dated Daphne. Daphne’s new bistro boyfriend later tells Chef Jeff’s fiance about Jeff and Daphne’s past. An action that drives a wedge between their relationship because Daphne doesn’t like some of the choices that he makes.

Lat night’s episode was as usual, dramatic and entertaining.

Next week’s episode will prove to be explosive as well, I am sure.

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2 Comments on “Switched at Birth: Secrets Revealed”

  1. insidekossiesmind August 1, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    I am so behind on this show. I need to get caught up!

  2. camilla September 1, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    Top submit. I look forward in order to reading a lot more. Cheers

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