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Switched at Birth: Patience Tested

On this week’s all new episode of Switched at Birth, everyone’s patience was tested. The rising tension exploded into many arguments, tears and a trip to the ER.

The greatest tension was between Ty and Bay. The issue of his impending deployment was carried over into this week. Ty is suspicious of whether Bay really is over Emmett or not. He seems to fear that she’ll go running back to him whenever or if Ty leaves for Afghanistan.

Ty takes Bay camping. This little camping trip turns into a very “testy” trip when Ty takes Bay to a rope’s course. This obstacle he takes her too required Bay to climb to the top of the structure and jump down; all with Ty holding the rope. In other words, this was a test of Bay’s trust in Ty.

Or his test in her trust?

Bay is petrified of heights and is angry that Ty wants her to do this. When she reluctantly climbs to the top, her rising anger and fear is apparent. In fact she freaks out when she has to jump down and ends up falling down at the very end. Ty tries to confront the angry Bay, but she will not have it. When he yells that it will be difficult for her when he is gone, his true reason for this “challenge” comes to light.

He is afraid that Bay will cheat on him.

This causes her to disappear for a few hours to be by herself. During her absence Ty is worried sick and when Bay does return, she tells him that he should think about how she would feel every day when he is gone. Then they take her to the ER because she’s sprained her ankle during the ordeal…poor Bay!

Daphne is having issues of her own, and is found to be in over her head. She and her bistro boyfriend have been texting Senator Coto anonymously, blackmailing him. He is on to them though and tells Daphne about “consequences” of political actions. Daphne is terrified and wants to back out, to quit the lying. However, bistro boy will not have it and Daphne ends up breaking up with him.

Where will all that end with Senator Coto? What “consequences” is he talking about?

(Photo Credit: ABC Family)

(Photo Credit: ABC Family)

Toby is having premarital issues as Nikki deals with the truth of her father. Nikki comes to his house and wants to have sex because nothing feels right any more to her. However Toby pulls the gentlemen card and won’t let her do it because it is for all the wrong reasons.

Regina’s boss finds out that Angelo is actually her husband when John accidentally lets it slip. It seems that her boss may fire her, instead she takes Regina on full time and laughs off the incident. Whew!

Next week’s episode previews the consequences of everyone’s actions and all  the drama will continue. It seems that everyone is in over their heads!

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