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Drew Bryce is a contributor to "The Hudsucker". When he isn't slaving away over a hot computer at work, he's playing with computers at home. Drew is an Android Lover and an Xbox gamer, and it is entirely possible that he bleeds 1's and 0's. He is a music freak, and is rarely seen without headphones on. Drew lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, eats a lot of haggis, and wears his kilt as often as possible.

The Hudsucker @ The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Part One

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Image courtesy of BBC

Each year, the Scottish capitol of Edinburgh is host to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; also known as the World’s largest art and comedy festival. Over the next week, The Hudsucker’s Drew Bryce will take you on a tour of some of the biggest acts, and some of the places you have to go see. Also, the places you can get free hats…

Last night I started the evening at the Ginger Grouse bar on the Pleasance. It’s one of a wide range of pop-up bars that can be seen at this time of year all over the city. One of the greatest things about the Fringe is that it completely transforms an already beautiful city into something truly magical. Turn around a normal street corner, and you’ll be confronted with fire breathers; or a bouncy castle; or a live radio show; or a party of drag queens; or a lovely pop-up bar selling your favourite alcoholic ginger beverage.

Most importantly, they gave me a free hat.


Rich Hall, Drew, and Drew’s hat.

Fringe entertainment can vary from main stream famous acts, to the completely bizarre (usually free) shows. There is one act (that has become outrageously popular) in which a man dresses up as a gorilla, and sits in a rocking chair for an hour. I kind of want to go see that…

The main entertainment for the evening was American comedian Rich Hall, at the Assembly Room’s Spiegeltent Palazzo. A fully functioning bar and dance hall; with chairs, tables, booths and a stage. Popped up in a tent in what would normally be a local park.

I’ve never seen Rich Hall live before, but I would definitely go back. He was hilarious, and his material seemed to mostly be written on the spot; singing two songs about people in the crowd. He had a lot to say about the “British Sense Of Humour”, and how it varies from his shows in the States.

The Fringe atmosphere was electric, with the end of the night fireworks finishing off the show beautifully. I think that New York and London are going to have to up their game if they want to be in this league…

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from August 2 to August 26. For more information, check out their official site. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates!

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