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‘Mythos’ Makes Waves and Soars with ‘Sea and Sky’

In an industry where less than 10% of women produce or direct films, it’s refreshing to see someone like Miriam Pultro hammer away at the glass ceiling and build a platform for creative storytelling with “Mythos”. The critically acclaimed web series, which has been nominated and won numerous industry accolades, is the classic mythological tale of a hero’s journey based on mortality, family, love and fate.

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I Read The News Today, Oh Boy! A Look Back at the Most Talked About Headlines in 2013

Whether through newspapers, television or internet, the news has always been a part of our daily lives and plays a vital role in understanding our world and human affairs. The importance of news has increased greatly in these last few years, especially with social media flourishing and becoming a source of nanosecond coverage for inquiring […]

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Christmas Through Our Eyes: Images of the Holiday

Ti’s the season to be jolly and spread cheer! December is one of the most loved months from the year as Christmas arrives with all the joys of the season. Here at The Hudsucker, we are celebrating our second Christmas together and showcasing our love for the season in the best way possible–a look at […]

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One Big Happy Family

Book Review: Lisa Rogak’s “One Big Happy Family”

Sometimes, the most incredible family bonds are not the ones we were born into, but the ones we find for ourselves. In “One Big Happy Family“, Lisa Rogak shares heartwarming stories of interspecies parenting and guardianship among animals you wouldn’t expect to see living together, much less supporting and caring for one another. In these […]

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Book Review: It All Comes Down To Which Side You Choose in ‘Allegiant’

There are days when I wish I had my mother’s quality of incredible restraint when it comes to books. Her restraint is not in buying books (what voracious reader has restraint when it comes to the act of buying books? None, I tell you.) Instead she has this amazing willpower for books in a series. […]

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Paulette Through The Looking Glass: Lovely Moments

Photographer and passionate art enthusiast, Paulette Tafoya, shares with readers and art lovers alike a look into her world as she captures life and personal moments behind the lens.

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Tattoos Are More Than Just Ink

For me, tattoos are the ultimate way of transcending feelings I’m only able to explain with worn out words or tiresome actions, which are personal dilemmas. Aside from having to create an already tailored first-impression at specific job, other people’s opinions about the art on my skin never cross my mind.

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The Hudsucker @ The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Part One

Each year, the Scottish capitol of Edinburgh is host to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; also known as the World’s largest art and comedy festival. Over the next week, The Hudsucker’s Drew Bryce will take you on a tour of some of the biggest acts, and some of the places you have to go see. Also, the […]

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A Hudsucker Exclusive: Big Announcement Regarding “The Girls With Glasses Show”

We’ve got some exciting news‬ coming at you tomorrow, August 5th! Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ELIZA Magazine, Summer Bellessa; and singer/songwriter and actress, Brooke White are the clever brains behind the online variety show, The Girls with Glasses. The two sat down with our writer Tatum Hawkins for an exclusive interview and dish on the latest scoop regarding their stylishly charming […]

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Indiana’s Cool Gem: Auntie Em’s Frozen Custard & Cupcakes

As the post-vacation feelings begin to wear off and I get back to my daily routines after another fun trip to Indiana, I ask myself if that desire for exploration–that wanderlust–does it ever wear off? I am a traveler by nature who is always on the lookout for delicious food and as eager as I […]

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Letter from the Editor: One-Year and Counting

“There are powers inside of you which, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become.” ~Orison Swett Marden Dear Readers, Happy birthday to us! Today marks one year since The Hudsucker was officially created. It’s been an interesting journey thus far, and in just one […]

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Rhyming Riddle: Where Am I?

Can you guess where our writer is located before the last couplet? Try to piece together the clues before the rhyme is complete.

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