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Switched at Birth: Redemption

As much constructive criticism as I may have given Switched at  Birth in the episode before the finale, I must say that the finale made up for all that and more. This wrap-up of Season 2 was both dramatic, alluring, sentimental and still left you with cliff hangers for Season 3. It was remarkably beautiful.

I gave the show a lot of judgement for it’s drama in the episode prior. I said that I thought the episode had too much drama, too many mini story lines going on all at one time. This made me a bit apprehensive about the finale. I wondered if the over dramatics would follow.

The Season 2 finale proved me very wrong. It was full of drama and suspense at every turn but in what my opinion it was the right amount. There was closure with all the characters and  their personal drama, while also leaving room for audiences to stay tuned for Season 3 in January of 2014.

Daphne’s story line was perhaps the most gripping and moving. She finally was busted for blackmailing Senator Koto. He turned to her father and the authorities to handle the matter. All three of her parents’ disappointments was evident. Yet Daphne showed much maturity in how she handle her consequences. Rather than allow Senator Koto to have the upper hand and perhaps play the victim card to “teenage pranks”, she published a blog post about her action on the site The Kansas Squealer.  

At the closing of the episode, Daphne read her blog post aloud. While she took responsibility for her actions, she also pointed out others’. Her own experience of the summer seemed to be poignant to everyone’s in the show. Her discussion of allowing material items or a materialistic mindset to control her, mirrored the whole cast.

Nikki and Toby realized that yes, they wanted to get married even after sleeping together. They had waited to have sex until marriage and many were questioning if that was the only reason  they were. In fact, they questioned their own judgement. So on the night before the wedding they did give in to their desires. The morning after provided a twist. They called off the actual ceremony and everyone, both viewers and their parents, believed they had finally decided that sex was the only reason they had wanted to get married.

However, a twist arose when they eloped. It seemed their realization was not that they did not want to get married. They just didn’t  want to do it the way everyone was telling them too. An extravagant wedding was not what either of them wanted. They just simply wanted each other. All materialistic things aside they chose what was most important to them….love.

It was choice  that Ty seemed to make in his relationship with Bay, too. He led her to believe that he had cheated on her because he wanted to protect her. It seems he may have also sensed Emmett and Bay’s undeniable bond. A bond that we’ll be excited to see reconnect in Season 3.

(Source: ABC Family)

(Source: ABC Family)

Daphne chose to face the court room alone following her blog post. She wanted to be adult about her decisions. Everyone in the show made their choice of decisions during Season 2. Some of these decisions had positive consequences, and others had negative. However each had to be faced.

Yet one thing stood strong among them all…love.

Love for each other and the love of self. Having self respect to decide what was best for you and making a decision to be who you are, was something many of them learned. They also saw that the love of family was very much present. It seemed that the families that once had been two, had finally become one. Not because of the decision sixteen years ago that brought them together. That no longer seemed relevant. They were a family of one now, both Vasquez and Kennish, because they all loved each other unconditionally. And that was enough.

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