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The Pretty Files: CC and DD Creams Decoded

Hello, pretty people (aka all of you!)  Last week I helped you make sense of the sea of alphabet creams that are on the market by talking about BB cream, what it is and what it isn’t.  I hope that helped you make a little sense of things.  This week I’m back to decode CC (and DD) creams. 

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CC creams are the cousin of the BB cream.  Like BB creams, CCs are a hybrid of skincare and makeup that offers resolution of major skincare concerns.  Like BBs CC creams help blur imperfections though one notable difference between most BB creams and a CC cream is consistency.  CC creams tend to be a little thinner to allow for a more blendable consistency.  This allows them to function more like makeup than the thicker BB cream.  This makeup function is where CC creams thrive as they are designed to correct color concerns (uneven skin tone, discolorations, etc) which are more “surface level” issues than are things like pores and lines and scarring.  Like BB creams, CC creams can be worn under more traditional foundations, though it is not recommended that one wear a true primer underneath a CC cream.  CC creams potentially contain color-correcting optics (depending on brand) and would not mesh well with the formulation of most primers.

CC creams, like their BB counterparts, were largely developed with an Asian market in mind but have a wider range of colors available.  This is likely associated with their color treatment focus.  CC creams have the same high level of SPF protection, though not all of them are physical sunscreens like you most often find in BB creams.  This may also contribute to the more open range of shades available.  However, very fair people need to be careful when choosing a CC cream shade as some creams oxidize to a more yellow or golden undertone which can result in very fair skin looking orange.  Many CC creams also moisturize though they usually have a less oily appearance than the heavier BB cream.

There are a number of CC creams on the market, from drugstore level up to prestige brands so consumers can find a cream at nearly every price which makes the product very accessible.  However not every range has a good color selection for more fair shades (this may be partly because of the oxidation issue, it depends on the brand) and instead offer up something often termed as “shade adjusting technology”.  What this means is that the product “adjusts” itself color-wise to the wearer.  This is great for most people who have a medium-fair or darker skin tone.  However, my experience has been that if you are very fair the adjustment color is too dark or too orange leaving the wearer looking like they have on a strange mask.  For people who have concerns about yellowness I strongly recommend looking for a line with specific shade selections.  Right now my personal favorite is Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream (full disclosure: I work for Clinique part-time and got mine for free.  However, this does not influence my opinion of the product.)  I like it because its Very Fair shade is light enough for me without oxidizing.  It gives good coverage and it makes my skin look fresh without being made up.  This is in comparison to Pürminerals’ CC cream which went on the right shade but turned orange (it was a self-adjusting formula) and was a little too thick.  Rule of thumb with CC creams is simply to try a few and see what works.  A great way to do this is to visit a Sephora if possible as they will send you home with a sample.  Additionally any time you purchase a product from a makeup counter make sure you know the brand’s return policy.  Many, many brands will allow you to return a product that doesn’t work for you.

The final member of Team Alphabet is the brand new DD cream.  To be perfectly honest I am still not certain what DD cream is supposed to be.  Julep, one of the first brands to have a DD cream, calls theirs Dynamic Do-All and offers it up with a special concealer.  Dermadoctor is calling theirs Dermatalogically Defining and acknowledges that it is a specialized BB cream.  It also has twelve item list of things it does.  I would say that right now the jury is out on what DD creams really are and what they will be tailored to be.  Having used the Julep version I can tell you it is a heavier CC cream that doesn’t correct texture (hence the concealer add-on.)  I have not tried any of the others but my personal opinion is that when you start making large lists of promises for any one product you are bound to have a difficult time living up to the hype.   I’ve yet to see any one thing that truly does it all.

Next week I’ll be bringing you my picks for makeup and skin care essentials this fall as well as the hot fall trends.  If you have any questions about CC or DD creams, a suggestion of something you’d like me to try, or have anything you want to know about all things pretty leave a comment below.  See you next week!

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