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Adorable Animals You Should Be Following On Social Media

Raise your paws if you love kitties, puppies, and other precious pets! Well, I think that accounts for pretty much everyone on the internet! Our admiration for cute and cuddly critters has spread its influence all over the world wide web, where the animal kingdom reigns high and mighty. The internet has created a new breed of revered digitalized pets out of some of the special cats, dogs, and other species we’ve seen in videos, gifs, and memes, such as Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, Boo, and Maru. As we continue to awww over adorable animals, here are a few more sweet, snuggly, charming, and completely lovable internet pet personalities you should be following…

Credit: Pusheen.com

This crazy cat lady is cRaZy over Pusheen! While she may be an animated cat, Pusheen truly comes to life in her popular Tumblr blog, which follows the adventures of the cute and tubby grey tabby who loves mischief, bouncing, and eating everything in sight. Her witty and oh-so-adorable comics – some of my favourites being 6 Reasons you should consider being a cat, Career options for your cat, and Kitten Adventures (featuring her equally squishy little brother, Stormy) – always receives thousands of reblogs, which is a testament to this sweet kitty’s ability to capture hearts. She is starring in her very first book, I Am Pusheen the Cat, to be released next month!

Follow Pusheen on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Credit: TommyPom.com

Made of marshmallows and cottonballs and with a face that looks like a cross between a baby seal and a baby polar bear, the fluffy furball known as TommyPom is the cutest pomeranian in the entire universe. A former show dog and model, he now interns at Tumblr and acts as their adorable ambassador. Through a showcase of snapshots and photographs, TommyPom’s blog gives a dog’s-eye view of what it’s like to work (and play, and eat, and nap…) at Tumblr HQ. Whether sleeping on the job, roaming around the office, hanging out with the other dog interns, being snuggled by his admirers, or posing pretty for the camera, this photogenic pooch is captivating in every picture (or video… this video too) taken of him. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to be TommyPom’s friend. Even the Mayor of New York City is a fan!

Follow TommyPom on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Credit: Uggie the Artist (Facebook)

Uggie is a real Jack Russell of all trades!You may recognize him as the star of the 2012 Oscars’ Best Picture winner, The Artist (for which he was rewarded with the honour of placing his pawprints at Hollywood’s famed Chinese Theatre), but did you know that this do-it-all dog is also an author and a family man? On his Facebook page, Uggie documents his travels (last year, he went on a big book tour across Europe) and shares photos from his film career and his personal collections. Even in his retirement, this spirited and charismatic terrier kindly gives his followers lots of love and licks!

Follow Uggie on Twitter and Facebook.

Credit: BiddyTheHedgehog (Instagram)

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Biddy the African pygmy hedgehog is a pocket-sized traveler who enjoys seeing mother nature in all of her great beauty. From the mountains to the ocean, this prickly and precious creature likes to show off his signature roll-up-into-a-ball pose and sweet smile in snapshots of the great outdoors. His photos will inspire you to go out on your own adventures and explore!

Follow Biddy on Instagram.

Which cute critters do you follow on the internet?

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