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The Hudsucker Reviews The 2014 Grammy Awards

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards is music’s biggest event of the year – a day to celebrate the accomplishments of musicians, songwriters, producers, and others in the music industry for their valuable contributions. For 2014, the Grammys made a point of demonstrating how music unleashes us – through creative expression, through artistic transformation, and through musical unity – and remains a truly universal force in our lives.

Our writers, Bo Dietrick, Rebecca Rowell, Meg Quinn, Tania Hussain, Ashleigh Stokrp, and Elizabeth The, have collaborated to share their commentaries on yesterday’s ceremonies. Here are some of their favourite performances, wins, stars, and moments from last night’s awards show (as well as the pre-telecast ceremony from the afternoon).

Favorite Performance

Bo: Easy… Daft Punk + Pharrell Williams + Stevie Wonder on “Get Lucky”! How can you have those 3 combined talents on stage at the same time and not get up to dance? Sure, the distinguished guests in the front of the theater looked like they could use some lessons, but that’s what makes their music so fun!
Rebecca: Pink’s performance of “Try” because she demonstrated her graceful elegance that literally was “light as air”. Not many performers could sing live while acerbating in the air. This performance not only attests to her superb vocal skills, but to her performance and dance skills as well.
Meg: PINK. To me, she’s in a completely different league when it comes to live performances and should probably be put in a whole different category.  It’s unfair to compare mere mortals up against a superwoman who quite literally is flying around the stage singing “Try” live, doing gymnastics, than pairing up with Nate Ruess to sing “Just Give Me A Reason”.  I mean….it’s insane. (Runner up: Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar who were also pretty insane, such an unexpectedly wonderful combination).
Tania: A toss-up between Pink‘s aerial acrobatic number for “Try” and Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well.” I think both were incredibly powerful performances and got me rather emotional. They’re rather personal songs and definitely rile up a lot of feelings for me.
Ashleigh: I always love it when artists collaborate on their live performances, and this year we got a couple of great ones!  My favorite was definitely the Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar performance.  It was so high energy, and the pyrotechnics were awesome.  A very close runner up was Pink and Nate Reuss; Pink’s Aerial Silk skills are so amazing!
Elizabeth: Sara Bareilles & Carole King (the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year) made my heart happy with their brilliant mash-up of their hits, “Beautiful” and “Brave”. It was inspirational to see these two trailblazing, piano-playing, female singer-songwriters come together in song, and was a reminder that good music is present in every generation. Plus, seeing Sara’s smile while she was singing with her idol was the sweetest thing ever.

Favorite Award Winner

Bo: Bruno Mars for Best Pop Vocal Album for Unorthodox Jukebox was both well deserved and touching, due to his acceptance in honor of his recently deceased mother. There’s a reason he’s performing at next week’s Superbowl Halftime Show… The kid’s got talent!
Tania: Bruno Mars for Unorthodox Jukebox in the Best Pop Vocal Album category! Unorthodox Jukebox was a step up from his debut, and a very impressive one at that. I really can’t get this particular album out of my head. It’s on high rotation on my iPod.
Meg: KACEY MUSGRAVES! I was so happy she won Best Country Album & Best Country Song.  Same Trailer, Different Park was my favorite country album to come out of last year and I think the Grammys got it right with her wins.
Ashleigh: As a whole I’m so stoked for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and all that they’ve accomplished with The Heist.  They’ve taken that “little indie album” as far as they possibly could, so their 4 grammy wins are so deserved.  I was also glad to see The Civil Wars win their award for Best Country Duo/Group Performance; I feel like they were seriously snubbed on nominations for their latest album, so this win sort of makes up for that!
Elizabeth: Newcomer Kacey Musgraves for Best Country Album and Best Country Song. She was one of my favourite musical discoveries of last year. Her singles “Merry Go ‘Round”, “Blowin’ Smoke”, and “Follow Your Arrow” (which she performed for her Grammy debut) are reflective of the refreshing and real vibe of her incredible album, Same Trailer, Different Park.

Favorite Award Winner (Non-Televised)

Bo: It’s a tie across the board in the Film/TV/Media category: Best Compilation Soundtrack for “Sound City” and Best Score + Song for “Skyfall.” Both incredible films with superb musical accompaniment. Kudos, Grammy’s!
Rebecca: Darius Rucker for Best Country Solo Performance for “Wagon Wheel” because he is from my home state of South Carolina so I am supporting my native friend!
Meg: Kathy Griffin!! She’s been nominated for Best Comedy Album for 6 years in a row now and she FINALLY won for “Calm Down Gurrl”.  She’s only the 3rd woman to do so, and I’m so excited for her.
Tania: Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for “Summertime Sadness” by Cedric Gervais and Lana Del Rey. That was one of my favourite tracks from Del Rey’s album.
Ashleigh: Best Musical Theater Album!  Kinky Boots! I love love love that OBC recording, and Cyndi Lauper is a gem.  I wish we could have seen her acceptance speech, because I’m sure it was entertaining.
Elizabeth: My hometown boy Michael Buble for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for “To Be Loved”. I’m always happy to see this Canadian crooner win – he does my country proud.

Biggest Upset (And Who Should Have Won)

Bo: Now this was an untelevised award, but one that certainly caught my attention. The category for Best Music Film did NOT go to 2013 winners Mumford & Sons for the incredible “The Road to Red Rocks,” but instead went to the less edgy “Live Kisses,” from Paul McCartney. It just goes to show, when it rains it pours.
Rebecca: I would have preferred for Sara Bareilles‘ “Brave” to win for Best Pop Solo Performance because I appreciate the message this song sends. It portrays such an uplifting message of inner power. I listen to it every day and consider it my personal life song at the moment. I was proud that Lorde‘s “Royals” won though.
Meg: Lorde winning Song of the Year for “Royals”.  I just do not understand the fuss over that song at all and was shocked when it was nominated, so the fact that it won one of the major awards is something that is so beyond me.  I think that “Roar” by Katy Perry, “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink & Nate Ruess, or “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis should have won Song of the Year.  All of those songs had much bigger “years” with lyrics that had a bigger impact on music than “Royals”.
Tania: Bruno Mars should have walked away with the Grammy for Song of the Year for “Locked Out of Heaven”. I adore that song! That made me upset. I felt like that Grammy would have been his entry to heaven and the Lorde took it away from him! Major fail.
Ashleigh: I mean I guess they weren’t ‘upsets’ in the sense that they were the expected winners, but I think both Lorde and Daft Punk were extremely overrated, and there were much more deserving winners in their respective categories.  No disrespect to either of them, but come on.  “Royals” was not the Song of the Year by any means.  “Radioactive” was EVERYWHERE, and was on the radio for twice as long as “Royals” was.  The same goes for “Same Love”, and that song even came along with a huge social movement.  “Royals” was catchy and different, but definitely not song of the year.  And while I can excuse “Get Lucky” winning Record of the Year (because that song was everywhere, too), Random Access Memories was absolutely NOT the Album of the Year.  I would have given that one to Taylor Swift‘s Red, and I don’t even like Taylor Swift!  That was a huge, career defining album for her and I’m surprised it didn’t get more recognition.  Honorable mention goes to Sara BareillesThe Blessed Unrest because that album is a damn masterpiece.
Elizabeth: I would have loved to see either Kacey Musgraves or Ed Sheeran win for Best New Artist. Kacey had a breakthrough year in 2013 by challenging the norms of the country music, and Ed also had a big 2013 thanks to his tour with Taylor Swift (and has been an emerging star since his massive debut at the 2012 Olympics).

Star Of The Night

Bo: Paul McCartney seems to light up the screen no matter when he’s shown. Whether performing on stage or dancing in the crowd, he’s an old timer who constantly shows us he still knows how to have a good time!
Rebecca: Pink because I like that she shows what performing beautifully is without being vulgar or disrespecting herself. Too many artists today feel that they need to “expose themselves” to get anyone to take them seriously as a performer. She demonstrates that you can be unique without being gross.
Meg: Pharrell Williams’s Hat.
Tania: Kacey Musgraves! I really liked her performance. I thought she really shined and she has further peaked my musical curiosity. I would love to hear her album!
Ashleigh: I kinda don’t really think anyone stood out!  In years past we have had so many big upsets, or award sweeps that it’s been easier to point out the big star, but we didn’t have any Adele or Beyonce moments this year.  I think maybe I’ll give it to Macklemore, though. Or Pharrell’s hat.
Elizabeth: Lorde. In one night, she made her grand debut worldwide with her unforgettable performance of “Royals” and won two Grammy awards – all at the age of 17! This was a true star is born kind of moment. Oh, and Pharrell’s Hats.

Best (Non-Award and Non-Performance Related) Show Highlight

Bo: It’s hard to pick a moment in the Grammy’s that’s NOT award or performance-related, let alone a favorite. So, I’ll revert to everyone’s new favorite past-time: Reading Twitter while watching TV. The second Lorde stepped on stage, my Twitter feed almost exploded with judgmental commentary. C’mon people, that’s what you signed up for.
Rebecca: When Jay Z told his daughter, Blue, live that “Daddy has a gold sippy cup for you!” It showed his sensitive and fun side as a dad that I thought was very real.
Meg: Taylor Swift dancing during Beyonce’s performance, Taylor Swift dancing during Imagine Dragons/Kendrick Lamar…
Tania: I really thought it was hilarious seeing Yoko Ono jamming to Paul and Ringo’s musical number. Her dance moves were impressive and to be honest, well, actually she stole my dance moves. Another highlight was seeing Jamie Foxx on stage making weird comments when presenting the Best Rap Collaboration to winners, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. Foxx may have been drunk? I’m not quite sure, but he mentioned a weird smell backstage and called Beyonce hot. Seeing the power couple’s reaction to all of that was pretty funny! Oh, and let’s not forget Pharrell’s hats. They generated a lot of buzz in the Twitterverse!
Ashleigh: I loved how they highlighted so many of the exceptional covers that were made of all of the nominated songs and albums this year by using covers in the nomination reels.  At first I was so confused by it, but it really gave so much focus on the content of the song and how versatile so many of our artists were this year.  Plus I love the idea of pointing out the creativity that goes into a good cover!  I also love the Educator of the Year award that they started last year.  Speaking as someone who had a music educator that changed my life, I know so many people that get up on that stage can say the same thing, so I think it’s really special to give those people their due respect.
Elizabeth: A tipsy Steven Tyler serenading Smokey Robinson with his own song, “You Really Got A Hold On Me”, and in turn, Smokey singing “Dude Looks Like A Lady” back at Steven, right before they presented the award for Record of the Year. It was endearing to see two musical icons interact with each other in such a playful and light-hearted manner.

Best Red Carpet Look

Meg: Taylor Swift (in Gucci) shut it down.
Tania: Taylor Swift and Anna Faris, loved their dresses! They looked stunning on the red carpet. Not to mention, Swift’s makeup and hair was gorgeous!
Ashleigh: I didn’t see most of them, but I caught a few pictures and I loooooved Katy Perry‘s music notes dress!  It was so pretty.
Elizabeth: Katy Perry in Valentino. The sheer white gown embellished with musical notes could have looked ridiculous on the wrong person, but it suited Katy’s unique and pretty sense of style perfectly. I also adored Kacey Musgraves in her twinkling nude pink Armani Prive dress – what a debut!
Bo: Can I say the horrifying clown costume that went viral the second they stepped onto the red carpet? I shouldn’t, but feel like they were making a more meaningful statement than I’ve yet been able to understand.

And now for some of their personal favourites from 2013…

Favourite Artist of 2013

Bo: Lorde. I’m not saying this was my FAVORITE artist of 2013, but when we all step away from our personal biases (mine lies somewhere between Kendrick Lamar and Justin Timberlake) there’s no denying the absolute power that Lorde had in the past year. Releasing a killer album and several singles that controlled the airwaves around the world is impressive, but did we mention she’s 17 and from New Zealand? How could an underdog story like that NOT make her your favorite artist of the year?
Rebecca: Sara Bareilles
Meg: Ed Sheeran
Tania: Bruno! Who doesn’t love Bruno Mars? I love Bruno. There, I said it. He’s worked really hard and I think he’s a fantastic singer and songwriter, and a phenomenal performer.
Ashleigh: One Republic.  I’m an unabashed supporter of their career, and 2013 was a huge year for them.  I can’t believe how royally snubbed they were!
Elizabeth: Sara Bareilles. Last year, she embarked on a solo acoustic tour in support of an album (The Blessed Unrest) which showcases her at her most vulnerable as an artist. Her bravery amazes me!

Favourite Album of 2013

Bo: The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Honorable mention here HAS to go to Vampire Weekend’s epic Modern Vampires of the City. But seriously, can you ever remember an album that has had as many #1 singles as The Heist has earned. My fear of the radio ruining this phenomenal work of modern hip-hop/rap backfires time and time again. I know this when I find myself singing along with the windows rolled down on the highway.
Rebecca: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Disney’s Frozen
Meg: The Civil Wars by The Civil Wars.
Tania: I don’t really have a favorite as it’s been ever-changing through the year. I will mention The Civil Wars album stood out for me, as did Nine Inch NailsHesitation Marks, Justin Timberlake‘s 20/20 Experience, a little bit of Katy Perry‘s Prism album and of course, Kelly Clarkson‘s Wrapped in Red which kept me warm this past holiday season! If 2013 proved anything, it’s that I have a mood-ring of musical tastes.
Ashleigh: Native by One Republic.  If you haven’t listened to this album, go download it right now; it’s such a well done, complete album, and it doesn’t get enough credit.  The orchestration and composition of each song is just beautiful.  Runner up goes to Bastille‘s Bad Blood.  That one is still in heavy rotation for me.  I think they’re gonna blow up in 2014.
Elizabeth: Sara BareillesThe Blessed Unrest for its stunning melodies and striking lyrics, and Kacey MusgravesSame Trailer, Different Park for telling life as it really is.

Favorite Record of 2013

Bo: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. One of my favorite albums of the year was and is made so by the stellar groove from techno pioneers Daft Punk. There wasn’t a person on this planet that didn’t know the words to this song before the full album even came out. Now that’s the power of a hit record catapulting the full body of work forward pre-release!
Rebecca: “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel from the Frozen Soundtrack.
Meg: “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic (or “Could It Be” by Charlie Worsham)
Tania:Shot at the Night” by The Killers. I always get excited when new material comes out by The Killers. They never fail to disappoint. This was a great track and was very reminiscent of an 80s-esque synths and keys, and I loved that. Their music is always so light and feels so summery and fresh.
Ashleigh: “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake.  That song is so GOOD. I belt it out at the top of my lungs every time it comes on in the car; it’s a beautiful sight, let me tell you.  The fact that “Royals” won Best Pop Vocal Performance over “Mirrors” is a total injustice, in my opinion.  But yes.  “Mirrors”. Definitely.
Elizabeth: “Gone Gone Gone” by Phillip Phillips‘ was the feel-good song that followed me everywhere last year. It brings back good memories (of graduation and the summer) and serves as a pick-me-up whenever I need a motivational boost. For those reasons, it’s my anthem of 2013!

For a full list of this year’s winners, along with photos and videos from the red carpet and ceremonies, visit grammy.com

What were your favorite memories from this year’s Grammy Awards? Let us know in the comments!

(All images from grammy.com)

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6 Comments on “The Hudsucker Reviews The 2014 Grammy Awards”

  1. Andrew Rogers January 27, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    I loved reading this. I’ve been in class all day so I didn’t get to contribute, but Ash said a lot of what I would have said, but I loved Hunter Hayes performance of his new song “Invisible”. I thought it was really touching and downloaded it right after.

  2. Judy Smith January 27, 2014 at 5:39 pm #

    Thanks for the review. I agree about One Republic- they did seem to be snubbed. As I’m Australian & after having Goyte win last year for Somebody I used to know I was very proud that another artist from Downunder won again – albeit this time she was a Kiwi. I also thought other songs may have been more worthy of the award but Royal was everywhere & it is very catchy just like Get Lucky-which was also everywhere.

    • Ashleigh Stokrp January 27, 2014 at 8:17 pm #

      Hi Judy! I think Lorde has so much potential and I really am stoked for her in regard to how this launched her career; there are songs on her album that really speak to what kind of artist she wants to be and if Royals was her ticket there, than I guess I’m glad people paid attention. Much love for the Aussies and the Kiwis! :P

      Love hearing from other 1R fans too! What’s your favorite One Republic track?

  3. Ashleigh Stokrp January 27, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

    LOL at Bo’s red carpet response!! I love the juxtaposition between that one and the other pretty-dress-loving answers. :P


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