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The Pretty Files: Fuss-Free Valentine Curls

I don’t know about you, but there are things that I just associate with Valentine’s Day.  Roses, pink t-shirts, decorated sugar cookies, and Hallmark cards all make me think of the holiday I personally refer to as Love Day. It’s not just typical things that draw the association, though. There are cosmetic things that just fit for me, like red lipstick, a smokey eye, and softly curly hair. Those three things just scream romantic date to me and while I generally  have the lipstick and smokey eye down cold, the softly curly hair makes me scream in an entirely different way. You see, my hair doesn’t hold curl. It’s naturally fairly straight and even if I can manage to get a hot tool that works with my hair I’m horrible at using them. The romantic curl always eludes me and a lot of the ladies I work with in makeup say the same thing: curls are beautiful, but difficult. Really, who has time to actually use a curling iron every morning?

Well, never fear my busy, curl-challenged friends!  I have found a simple, fuss-free solutions that provides lovely curls that are customizable (you choose your curl level!) and nearly effortless. Welcome to The Heat-Free Headband Curl.

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

I can’t claim this brilliant idea as my own. I found it on the internet when looking for a miraculous curl option. The above image is a humorous sketch of the general idea, but it is also exactly how it works.  Here is a better, non-stick person step-by-step.

Credit: Nicole Drum

First, there are a few supplies you will need. You will need a hairbrush, an elastic headband (any kind will work, though the wider the better,) and your hair. A setting spray (I like Bumble and Bumble Tonic because I am frizz prone) is a nice addition, but not required. Your hair should be slightly damp, but not wet.

Credit: Nicole Drum

After you have your supplies together you are going to decide how you want your hair to fall, part-wise. Brush your hair into that position and then put on the headband around your head, encircling your forehead you can use your spray at this point if you are using spray.)

Credit: Nicole Drum

Once the headband is in place, section your hair. The smaller the section, the tighter the curl. Today I opted for loose wave type curls so I did large sections, but I have gotten spiral-type curls from tiny sections.  Once you have your section, twist that section. The tighter you twist, the more uniform the curl.

Then you take your twisted section and tuck it around the headband, letting the end fall free. You will then section the hair again, incorporating the loose end into the new section. This contributes to a variety of curl sizes, which looks more natural. You will repeat this until you have reached the midpoint of the back of your head. Then repeat the process on the opposite side.

Credit: Nicole Drum

You will continue until you have all of your hair tucked around the headband. If you have a few odd ends, just sort of fit them in. I like to adjust the headband to sit lower on my forehead at this time too. Then go to sleep! The longer you have your hair in the headband, the better the curl (I have had best results at the six hour mark, but even four hours gives pretty waves.)

The next morning slowly unwind the curls. Having a few snarls here and there is normal so go slowly. Once the hair is unwound, take off the headband and comb through the curls with your fingers. You may find a few odd bits here and there. You can take a curling iron just too smooth those out if you wish. Another great alternative is a little bit of styling cream “scrunched” into the curls.

Credit: Nicole Drum

Give yourself a once over and you are good to go! Soft, lovely curls…and all you had to do is sleep!

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One Comment on “The Pretty Files: Fuss-Free Valentine Curls”

  1. LungesandLouboutins February 12, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

    Interesting! I’ve never seen it done this way. I will have to try!

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